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The Exclusive Sa sa Trove , by Vanity Trove

Assalamualaikum and Hello peeps!

We going to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr in few days time. Have ready with your Raya kit? Even for your open house beauty kit? hehehe. You need a new complete set babe. Who says so? ME! hahaha.
I always like this, I need baju raya, new shoes if possible, new handbag if I didn't buy any for a long time period, new raya lipstick to feel fresh new look, new powder, new fragrance but not skin care la. haha. I need that raya feeling ok? With new personality, look and mind. :)

I'm going back to my hometown, Penang and Kedah. Oh best nye! The only thing that I loved about raya is to visit relatives and friends. Plus, eating variety of raya cookies and also get duit raya (if the person is still working, unfortunately most of my aunties and uncles are retiree and I'm already 22, would be working anytime soon). Tak de duit raya :(
How about you? Are you going back to your hometown? Balik kampung mana this year? :) 
hehe... okay, lets see what's in the Exclusive Sa Sa Trove collaboration between Vanity Trove and Sa Sa.

Oh, for those who doesn't know what is Sa Sa is, it is originally a beauty company based  in Hong Kong but leading beauty and cosmetic stores in Asia. In Sa Sa, you can find most of Japanese, Taiwan and Korean cosmetic products, beauty and tools and also fragrances. :) If you are makeup addicts, planning to have holiday in Malaysia or Singapore or Thailand or any countries situated in Asia Pacific, you may put this store in your visit list/ shopping list :P hehehe. 

This is the set that I have got from Vanity Trove for the Exclusive Sasa Raya Trove.
They filled up the box with plenty of items.

CYBER COLORS Cleansing Oil (Lavender)
It's moisturizing and soothing cleansing oil  that could dissolves all makeup and impurities. It helps to retain moisture of your skin and leave skin smooth. 

How to use it?
With dry hands, pump 2-3 times onto hand palm and apply the oil all over the face. Emulsify by cold water and massage thoroughly the skin. Rinse with cold water.

Price: RM 53.90 (200ml)
Product in the box is in FULL SIZE

Haruda YUZU Pore Cleansing Gel .
This is to remove blackhead and dirts additionally control oil secretion. It has warm effect to discriminate the blackhead.

How to use it?
After cleansing, apply this to nose. Leave for 1-2 minutes, gently massage for 20 seconds and rinse with warm water. After rinse, apply toner and anything cold to close back your nose pores. :)

Price: RM 34.90 (50g)
Product in this box is in FULL SIZE

Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse
A silky foam cleanser that clean skin without any tight effect. It contains natural active ingredient, Amino Acid is mild acidity of pH5.5- non-stimulating suitable for all skin types.
Deep cleansing, moisturises, increases skin metabolism and helps soften the dead skin.

How to use it?
Pump 2-3 times on palm and gently massage on wet face and rinse with warm water. Apply skin care routine after this.

RM 39 (180ml)
Product in this box is in 50 ml

It is quite a lot for someone to try with it. Normally for a skin care, it is not easy to change from one skin care to another skin care. If you are satisfied enough with this cleanser, move forward to buy a full bottle of it. This small edition(not that small, still could be used in a month time) is for your starter kit. Try it, it might suit with your skin .

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
I saw this product in almost every each of France pharmacies and it is very popular there. This product is the best to used in France, dry weather especially for face and hair. However, I didn't pick this up but decided to give a try on other brand, Caudaline. Alhamdullilah I've given a chance to try out this product in this trove.
It is a best seller product from NUXE and helps to repair & protect face, body and hair with its unique concentration of Precious Plant Oils (30%) and Vitamin E. It doesn't contain any preservative.

How to use it?
For the FACE, Mix a drop of this Huile Prodigieuse Oil with your foundation for easier glide with no sticky effect ( I have not tried this method yet, will give a try soon)
For the HAIR, Spray/ pour a bit on your hand palm and apply evenly  onto your hair for natural best result. (I always do this and found it works the best/ better than hair serum especially for my dry frizzy hair)
For BODY- Sprinkle a few drops of Huile Prodigiuse into your bath for a truly relaxing experience. (I normally just apply evenly the oil replacing body butter or lotion before going to bed).
Price: RM 148 (100ml)
Product in the box is in travel size, pretty cute bottle of 10 ml.

Natural Aqua Gel By CURE
This product is quite popular in Japan, it is a skin exfoliation product contains with 90% Hydrogen Water which helps to remove dead skin and dirt to support the natural skin regeneration process.
It is preservative FREE, coloring FREE, fragrance FREE and also mineral oil and alcohol FREE. See, it is safe to use on your skin and gentle exfoliate your skin. Face skin quite thin and sensitive, so only mild products are allowed to be used on face.

How to use it?
After cleansing , dry skin with clean towel. Then apply CURE on face and gently massage. Rinse with warm water, follow the step with your daily routine skin care such as toner, moisturiser, serum and etc.
Price: RM 115 (250g)
Product in the box is in sample size of 5 sachets.

BRTC Jasmine 3D Moist Power
Honestly, this is my first time seeing this powder and know the brand. The description saying that "It is 3D moist powder comprises of jasmine extract wrapped in powder capsules that melts into skin like velvet cream upon application. "
"It creates a moist radiant skin look along with a cooling texture as the moisturising capsule helps endow liveliness to rough, dull skin. It can control the secretion of excess ebum , moisturise, cover imperctions and provide a brightening and soothing effect."

How to use it?
After foundation / BB cream, apply this on face using dab method of buff using powder brush on face.
RM 55 (25g)
Product in this box is in FULL  SIZE

Finally, a voucher from Sa Sa for me to enjoy! Shopping lagi! hehehe
 Yes! I'm gonna pick up few items from Sa Sa anyway. There's no minimum spend for this voucher (after read all the T&C. Okay la kan?) 

This set is selling for only RM 70 with items total worth over RM 180. 

Brought you by Vanity Trove.....

Visit to their facebook page: Vanity Trove Malaysia
Instagram: Vanitytrovemy

Overall, I like this box because it has setting powder, the Jasmine 3D powder, CURE, NUXE, Haruda YUZU Pore Cleansing Gel and also the makeup remover, Cyber Colour. However, I really wish to get an additional makeup item in the box such as lipstick or blusher or mascara.  Since it's for raya, I would use the CURE and Haruda Yuzu Pore cleansing gel to pampered myself the night before raya or two days before(own self-made SPA), the powder going to used for Raya makeup + open house and the NUXE oil, I will carry it together in my handbag in case I need emergency hair touch up (My hair is dry-frizzy type, so need oil to manage it and control the level of frizzy-ness, so crazy la my hair ni especially under the sunlight) . I'm keen to try out the cleanser but not now, cause raya is coming up. I just want to clean up my dirty black heads so that face going to look flawless, need that 3D powder for natural velvet effects and CURE to scrub off my dead skin. :) Best kan? and also NUXE of course,hair necessity. 

I'm satisfied with this kit for RM 70, you got all these items. Save up to RM 110 (Total price for these items were RM 180).

Thank  you for reading!
Let's enjoy the items! Get ready for Raya. ^_^ 
Selamat Hari Raya people eventhough raya is in few days time not now. haha
Don't forget to give me duit raya ok? hahaha. :P


Mwah Mwah;


  1. BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! I always want this box because wanted to try out the Cure peeling gel. LOL but missed the trove. =X


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