Saturday, 1 December 2012

Clearance sales- metrojaya, padini, vior, tiamo, elianto and etc.

Here we are, at the end of the year ! And YES! Year End Sale is coming to make you broke! Haha. girls cant stand with discount! thats why most of the girls are really good in numbers; equal to discount equal to shopping equal to money. huhu.
And most all of the companies are selling in extremely mark down prices until 50% to 80% off. Wow so delicious and i really cant stand with all these offers.
Just want to share you guys with the news so that WE ALL CAN SPEND Our MONEY WISELY. Maybe right now you are planning to buy lipsticks. So, with this clearance sale events, you guys might want to have a look first/ visit them first before purchase at the retail outlets. I heard they are selling in really low price. ^_* jom jom jom. Visit to their event, grab whatever you want.
P/s : in metrojaya sale got revlon sale, i want to go there to buy photoready airbrush foundation.My favourite foundation of the year.!!! OHmaigod! memang cannot tahan! need to buy it! It is really good cause can cover up all my pores and dark spots!! *Thumbs up! My previous photoready foundation already gave to my sister.she loves it so much, so do I. Hey it is A must item you need to own!

Happy shopping guys!

Thank you for reading!

Mwah mwah: wiida


  1. Hi Girl! :)
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  2. seriously all this make me going crazy LOL


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