Monday, 31 December 2012

Perfume Oh Perfume!

hello peeps!!

i'm going to Singapore tomorrow. What a surprise trip! But it is only 2 days one night trip and after that I'm going back home, Malaysia.
Okay, so this time I'm planning to buy a perfume in Singapore. haha. Sound funny? I heard if Singapore having sale, the perfumes price are really cheap. Isn't it? Well, this is my first time celebrating New year in other places (eventhough neighbourhood country, still counted okay?) please guide me if u used to buy perfume from Singapore.

So, in my mind I'm planning to get one of the following perfumes (only few);

Taylors Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Perfumes

Pink Friday Nicky Minaj

Signorina from Ferragamo 

DKNY range perfumes (any colors, love them all)

(pictures taken from google images) 

If you girls have any recommendation  please let me know. Really need some advises and I want to know other perfumes that I should sniff on. <3

Thank you very much.
Happy New Year!! 

Mwah Mwah;


  1. Enjoy your 2 days stay here! Teehes! Btw, there are 3 sizes of wonderstruck perfume, all I know the medium size cost between 100-120, if I'm not wrong. Go to a shop called SASA better. :)

  2. Oh my! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeees perfume!!! org kata perfume di S'pore mmg murah. saya dengar Taylor Swift Enchanted lebih wangi drp yg 1st. Nicky Minaj pun wangi (sumber dari review orang). DKNY pula my personal pick is Be Delicious & Fresh Blossom. hihi.

  3. signorina by ferragamo is L.O.V.E =D DKNY, not bad. try Burberry Body (that's one of my fave). happy new year 2013 babe! xx


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