Monday, 3 December 2012

Dear Readers

I'm really sorry for being "missing in action" from past week and also for upcoming one week. I'm really busy with my event, The Race2. 

I was planning to do a simple review on my foundations, my perfumes collection and my November Beauty favourite updates! Really can't wait to write about "them". I already took some pictures  for my foundations yet just need some free time to blogging :( Miss my holiday..I got dozen of assignments to finish up in this limited time (with in this week) plus my live event, I think I'm gonna die. XP Please pray for my health. Thank you so much because lately I always caught sicks and my antibody is quite low especially because of sun exposure with the high temperature in Malaysia plus raining, is really making me sick= brain electric shock! hahaha. 

Anyway, do follow me, and drop your comments. Will follow your back ^_^ . Love to blog walking and read all kind of blogs. Even though some of the blogs I don't understand the language, but when I see the pictures, It helps me a lot, a lot. I really meant it! A lot. hehe.
Thank you for your support and tata~ 

Mwah Mwah;


  1. tak sabar nak tengok koleksi perfume, wiida. hehe.. skrg musim tak menentu. bykkan minum air mineral. dapatkan rehat yg cukup. study smart okey? good luck, dear. ^___^

  2. Blog walking here!
    Love to read ur blog post especially on makeups and Sales.
    Visit my blog too if you don't mind.

  3. such a bz women !
    hehehe hope dat u can manage ur time well ;)

  4. Check out my blog! I did a review on MUFE HD Foundation.

  5. lovely blog and nice posts cutie! :)

    I would appreciate it, if you visit my blog!
    Merry Christmas ♥


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