Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fly Lashes Fly Review + Haul

Well, recently I am addicted into fake temporary eyelashes. Olala.

Previously, Girls them for special occasions , functions,  events and etc. Yet, now everyone wear them everyday in their makeup routines as a necessary makeup look.  Its quite acceptable since some of the fake eyelashes designed to look similar and close to real lashes. 
There are variety styles of false eyelashes to choose from . I believe they are few names depends on the style. Most of people choose the cross-style as they look more natural on eyes and add volume into your lashes.I really love fake eyelashes but most of reliable and recommended lashes are expensive and branded. Thus, I did not wear fake eyelashes because I'm afraid the cheap one aren't comfortable and easy to take off. Malu la if the lashes are flying away from my eyes(Nak tercabut/ almost take off). where can I hide my face??  malu malu malu!! 

Lets see my lashes collection that I bought  from LashBar shop in Sunway Pyramid.  

Price: RM 15 per box (promotion price. Origonal price was RM 28)
I like this design because they suit me and when I cut the rest of the length, they are not that long.
 Just nice on me.  
p/s:  The strips are very soft and flexible and conform to the shape of your eyes . Pretty kan? 
Here are pictures of me wearing this kind of design.

Next, I picked up a box of natural lashes. This lashes will be wear daily as they are almost similar to my real lashes (If I apply mascara) 

Price: Rm 10
This is the only box that I found natural-look under RM 10 range. The others goods in RM 10  range are plastic-made. So, If you are passing by the shop, make sure you grab one as they are really amazing, and worth money to have. 

I found out the string is made from a thread. you can see from the picture above. 
It's really light, comfort to wear and whenever I wear it, I feel confident because they doesn't look obvious and fake at all. 

Examples on me;

Left eye: bare lashes. Right: Natural lashes put on. 

These natural design add length naturally. 
The length is suitable on me -cause my lashes are really short and thin. So, I need something that adding some volume on my lashes whilst maintain natural look (or else, I won't be confident to face public) . Fake eyelashes help me to skip mascara, and make my eyes look bigger, dramatic in photos. If you want to hang out with friends, better you put on eyelashes so that you will look "kawaii"/ pretty/ dramatic in the photos even the natural style does make a different. I have been realized this by looking at celebrities in public. They are pretty because of their eyes. 

Besides that, the shop also selling my favourite glue. I cannot afford to buy the expensive Duo Eyelash Adhesive that cost me around RM 50 in retail shop. So, I tried few from Daiso, random brands and many more yet the glue from LashBar really good to stick the lashes from morning until night. Plus, it doesn't irritate my eyes. 

Price: RM 10/bottle
I bought the second bottle because the previous one already dries up.  :(
I heard Duo eyelash adhesive doesn't dry inside the tube. (Review DUO Eyelash Adhesive from a blogger)

Overall Review on Fake eyelashes
1) They are really cheap. 
2) Light ,soft ; not made from plastic
3) Comfortable
4) The strips are easy to manage - soft and light. easy to bend. 
5) Help your eyes look bigger, get voluminousness lashes.
6) Suitable for daily wear and special occasions. 


1) just can be use for twice to thrice times.  :( after that, it turns ugly. but still, Reusable  
2)  When you close your eyes, people will notice the are fake. 
3) No container to keep them after worn. 
4) Limited availability. I need to find other alternative shops that sell the same goods. 


Where to buy them?
LashBar shop , Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. (opposite Offline Boutique)
(Make sure you stop by their shop, really worth for your money) 

How much?

Range RM 10 to RM 50 per box. Depends on the quality.
RM 30 and above is better because they're hand made. 

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to do this review . Just share and recommend one of a place for beauty. Happy shopping girls! spend your money wisely ya? XOXO

Mwah, Mwah;


  1. oOo~ they both look pretty ^,,^ I prefer the more natural ones though~

    Holiday Giveaway

    1. Thank you. Ya, depends on my mood too, if I feel want to look simple, I'll wear the natural one. hehe. :)

  2. Love the lashes your wearing in all your pictures! :)

  3. From my meager knowledge (with a little bit of science involved), I can explain why Duo lasts longer than the cheaper eyelash glue options that you (and me too) are currently using.

    I'm sharing this information just IN CASE you might not know this and I am in NO way trying to judge your skills and knowledge whatsoever. =) =) =)

    Eyelash glue generally lasts longer when it comes in a tube versus the ones in bottles with wands.

    The reason is, when a bottle is opened air enters the bottle and when glue (or any kind of adhesive) comes into contact with air, it begins to dry.

    Whenever we use the wand with the glue (in the bottle), we are actually introducing tiny air bubbles into the bottle by dipping the wand into the glue back and forth.

    This makes it very susceptible to drying out.

    It is the same reason why mascara dries out so fast as well, which is why it is not advisable to dip the mascara wand back and forth into the mascara bottle multiple times (as you might already know).

    On the other hand, Duo eyelash adhesive comes in a tube.

    So it uses the squeezing method that pushes glue out and thus reducing contact with air.

    When glue has minimal contact with air, it lasts longer and doesn't dry up.


    Also, just letting you know that the eyelash adhesive you're using, (Marie Beauty eye cream) can be bought for RM 5.

    I bought it in Penang. They are available in the thrift shops at Auto City, Juru.

    By the way, I am so jealous of your makeup collection!

    Hope the info helped!



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