Wednesday 6 August 2014

Dove Rambutmu, Mahkotamu

Mahkotaku, hair is very crucial to every woman.  Hair represent her personality, hair gives the first impression and perception to everyone, hair is the most important asset for a woman. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to have a very long hair up to waist length with healthy shine black look (dreaming) . When I get older, to keep hair longer than bra length is impossible because its keep falling off, damaged and dry .The scariest part is when you get into shower, you would find a 20 cent hair ball in your hand. Euwww! That is most terrifying moment and it would affecting your daily mood.  

Therefore when I received an invitation to their event for the Hair-fall topic discussion private event, I was so excited and agreed to join the event to find out the solution for my problem. I used to talk about this matter with my best friends and we keep asking each other, how to solve this issue? we are afraid of alopecia (bald), what kind of shampoo are you using? any recommendation? got tips for the hair growth and so on. we have a lot of things to discuss and talk. Well, it's girls problem.We just love to talk and share our problems together. Yet, there's no solution except for shampoo-ing hair once in two days time. 


Please excuse my stand quirky photo cause I just love taking photos. 

Do you ever faced hair fall issue? Do not refuse, because I know everyone is facing it including me. It is embarrassing to admit that I am facing this issue. Dove comes out with Hair Fall Rescue range for helping women who facing this problem and now the solution is here. The result visible in two weeks time. We would discuss more when we are getting into the topic. 

This is the part that I loved the most. Everyone gets 20-minute treat and get a chance to try on the Dove HairFall tonic by ourselves.  The feeling after putting it on, was damn good. I don't know how to describe it but it was pleasant. I wish I could go through the session for one more time and even apply the hair tonic all over again. 


The event continued with a pillow talk session with the two talkactive celebrities Sharifah Shahira and Yasmin Hani with the special presence of two Dove ambassadors and  a motivation speaker. Basically this session is all about hair issues. It was a short discussion and problem sharing among us; celebrities as well as the two Dove ambassadors; Sharifah Nadia and Suhainah are best friends for almost 20 years. They normally share their beauty problems together from young until they had their own family and kids. Until one day, one of them had a problem of hair loss and she referred to her best friend on this issue. She notified the problem when she was in bathroom, conditioning her hair and found a clump of hair on her hand palm.
Have this ever happened to you? It is embarrassing to say it publicly but I admit that I faced this problem too. (face palm)

In the pillow talk session we discussed causes of hair fall.  

First is "Depression " or so do called "stress".  Women nowadays are career women and every day we are facing stress. Stress with works, family, friends, boss, traffic jam, stress to choose Raya family color theme, stress thinking of dinner menu for the family and many more. We are drowning in stress. Second is Nutrition. Our body lack of nutrition or it may be a sign that you're low on iron therefore hair root is not strong enough to hold. Third is eating lifestyle. Eating excessive oily food could caused hair fall.  Forth is Postpartum Hair loss.. After delivery, women would go through this phase of losing hair due to hormone changes. There's a lot of other reasons but these are the top main things.   

Followed by the solutions and tips shared by the girls (from both sides; the speakers as well as the floor)

1) Taking daily supplements and vitamins especially irons.
2) By using suitable shampoo . Dove Hair Fall Rescue range does helps to prevent from hair lose.  Even Sharifah Shahira and Yasmin Hanis had used Dove at home and they've seen the differences . This range contains Trichazole actives to LOCK in the nourishment, stregthen and protects hair against hair fall. It nourishes from roots up to tips to prevent from hair fall.

3) Drink plenty of plain water to keep your body hydrated.
4) Minimize the usage of heat hair tools and prevent from torturing hair with chemical styling products.
5) Adopt a healthy lifestyle ; consume healthy and less oily food. 

Use Dove for continuous 14 days and join the challenge by submitting your photos here and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM 20,000 at Dove app.

This is a picture of me and Nana Mahazan, the emcee for the event. 

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Thank you for reading. 


pictures were taken using Samsung NXmini

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  1. Tak pernah cuba syampoo DOVE lagi.. lepas ni kena try.. walaupun ena bertudung, penjagaan rambut memang satu keutamaan ena... yeahhh


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