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Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment review

Courtesy credit to: Butterfly Project Beauty Community.

I've received a sample of Glamglow . Glamglow is a mask brand that has been highly raved among the youtubers and Hollywood celebrities. I heard it is very popular in Hollywood. Extremely popular. Everyone is crazy about this mask. Therefore, I feel so curious to know more and try this product out. Of course la, it is a popular product, I need to know how efficient , how good, and how amazing is this mask until everyone keep talking about it until today. 

So lets the trial begins! 

Supermud is black in color &  the darkest color of mud comparing to the others. 

"Okay.. I am excited to use this mask for the first time. yeay! "

Oh My God! I look so sloppy, so, please ignore this photo. I have no other photos in my camera. damn! *malu

If you noticed, there's some pieces of chunks in this mud. I believe it is a special left to remove toxic in the skin. 

Experience / Review

First Time
I applied it in thin layer and it gets dried after 15 minutes. Nothing impressive. I found it is moisturising even though it a mud mask. I thought it gonna make my skin dry , but nay ah, it's not. 
Second Time
I tried another technique which is only applying  on spotted areas, pimples and nose. Cool Fact: it flatten my BIG RED PIMPLE (the one that has yellow eye in the middle, you know what I meant). 

Third Time
Even the sample that I received is only 10 ml, I found it can be used once again on whole face. So, I applied it on my face for one more time, used one whole tube.. This time, I applied in moderate thickness. Not too thick and not too thin.

Want to know the result?  Oh Yes, I love the result after applying it in medium thickness because my face turns glow, some of black & whiteheads are gone (I barely see any whiteheads on my nose,WOW!  I'm impressed) , my -future-pimple-spot suddenly flat (normally you would feel hurt on that particular area and it turns red because pimple going to pop out there, but after applying this mud on that area, ehem ehem, I know you won't believe this, IT"S GONE! weyh! seriously, even me , I still can't believe this! Oh my god! where else I can dig my money so that I can buy this awesome mask in full size jar?) . . Now I know the reason why most of America youtubers normally apply this supermud on problem spots only. It is because it really works! DAMN! Oh My God,  ;( *crying. best gile wey this supermud! I am impressed with the formula. 

My tips: Apply the supermud on problem areas in "medium thickness". Leave it for 30 minutes. Even the description mentioned leave it for 5-20 minutes, but after experimenting it over, it works if we leave it longer on the skin. If you apply it on whole face, then you need to remove it within 20 minutes BUT if you only apply it on spotted areas, then, you are freely to remove it anytime you want, even on the next day. I DO THAT! haha. I let it stays overnight for few times.
The pimple would demolish forever after 2-4 days but you need to repeat the step every night. 

Scent: It has mint-y scent but still bearable. You need to take a sniff at Sephora  before purchasing it. The scent is very subjective. I don't like mint smell, but I could bear with this supermud scent. So, don't say I am weird cause I know I am. :P

Another story / from my sister's first impression 

My sister and I went to Sephora Paragon Penang (Raya, Eid-ul-Fitr celebration at Penang for 3 days). 
 we were playing with all the makeups and stuffs there. Out of blues, I saw Glamglow on the rack and  it still has the product in it (Glamglow in KL normally emptied). Then, I asked my sister to try this mask (supermud) by cleaning her chin area with "sephora milk cleanser" (complimentary) and apply this on. She did that. hehe. Imagine, she put the mask on her acne spot (on the chin) , then walked out from Sephora with mud on her chin. Eventhough it is only a small  mud spot on chin area, yet it is still errr. ....funny moment / crazy things to do ( I don't know how to explain it, but  kinda embarrassing yet  it's fun to do together! hehe. although I have nothing on my face ). haha. After 30 -40 minutes, we reached home and she cleaned the spot off. WANNA KNOW WHATS HER FIRST IMPRESSION? .
she said ; akak! jerawat dah tenggelam! bagusnye produk tadi! ( Wiida, the pimple is already flat. What a great product!) . 
Me:  feel proud , haha. and at the same time , I feel excited and can't wait to try the mask. 

That is all my review on this mask. This Glamglow Supermud is definitely in my wishlist. <3 <3 <3

RATE: 5/5

Price: RM 240
Where to get: At all Sephora outlets in Malaysia. 

Thank you for reading, don't forget to buy a jar for me ok?! muah! muah!

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  1. wow.. tai gui le. quite expensive!
    btw may i know what camera did u use?

  2. i am so going to get this bila dah bergaji nanti, hehe!

  3. Wahhh! BEST! BEST!
    I really wanna try this..maybe later..heee..
    thanks for the review ;)
    miss you :*

  4. Ohhh I LOVE clay/mud masks like this! *A* I've actually seen this around, but never bothered picking it up - now I really want to try it after your review! *A* Thanks for the review~


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