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ORIDERM Skin care Malaysia with Teenager skin care tips!

Oriderm is a new name to the beauty market. I have been intrduced to this brand in last month and had a chance to meet with the adorable pretty girl, Liza (winner of Projek Metro 2013) who is now a radio announcer @ Hot FM and also the ambassador for this brand. I heard from Liza that she has been using the products for 3 months and she said that her skin looks better than ever After the first week, the obvious result that she feels that her skin becomes softer. The products also help to overcome her uneven skin tone problem and makes her skin radiance and healthy. "The products are made from natural ingredients, therefore I felt confident to try this product on my face " said Liza in an event.

Oriderm has two types of skincare; teenager set and anti-ageing set


The teenager sets has 3 products which are Clear Mild Wash, Clear Balancer and Clear Repair Essence that has balanced PH level for the skin to improve skin texture and even out skin tone.Most of teenagers are facing this issue, imbalanced PH level , therefore they would have city of pimples all over the face and some of them are facing over-sweating oily skin due to imbalanced hormones and active oil glands.  How do I know? Haha. My friends and siblings faced this phase and my mom is the one who always telling them to use mild skin care though they have pimples all over their face. Never scrub them off, never use strong skin care and need to use gel cleanser instead of cream type of cleanser. Why? Although you have oily skin , your skin is still immature and need moisturizer. So, you cannot get rid all of the oils, your skin still need some moisturize. Therefore, gel is the perfect cleanser for cleaning your face from dirt and dust as well keeping the moisture of the skin. Another tips for teenagers, you need to eat supplement / fish oil for getting healthy skin , body and mind. Seriously, you would thank me for this. haha. Even now, I still consuming fish oil and never taking any collagen supplement because for me, beauty is comes from healthy body and brains not by boosting your collagen and cell blood. Next is watch your diet and drink a lot of water to flush out toxic in your body. 

1. Clear Mild Wash
Cleanse face while giving hydration to the skin
Brighten and even out skin tone

2. Clear Balancer
Act as a toner that helps to balance out PH skin for oily and dry skin
Reduce blemishes

3. Clear Repair Essence
A moisturizing gel that helps to protect the skin from the environment (pollution,etc)

  1. Cleanse your face with Clear Mild Wash. 
  2. Apply  Clear Balancer on your clean face.  Gently massage your face from your neck up to your forehead.  Fast absorption -it won't make you feel greasy and sticky.
  3.  Apply Clear Repair Essence and gently massage from your neck to your forehead.

Price: RM 150
Where to get? - call  0164224439  |  Instagram @oriderm_malaysia


Anti-Ageing sets has 4 products such as Absolute Cleansing Gel, Absolute Hydro Fluid, Absolute Hydro Serum and Absolute Hydro Cream. This Anti-Ageing Set is different from other anti-ageing products in the market because it balance out PH level of the skin, reduce dirt and blemishes and also it helps activate skin cells to reduce scarring. Oriderm contains marine plant extract which does not contain harsh chemicals, it is free from harmful chemicals. Say hoorray for this. ^^ 

1. Absolute Cleansing Gel 
Balance out skin's PH
Reduce dirt and blemishes on skin

2. Absolute Hydro Fluid
Activate skin cell
Reduce scars
Anti - oxidant
Anti - ageing and provides hydration to the skin

3. Absolute Hydro Serum
Helps to improve skin's texture
Smooths, moisturize and protect the skin
Ensure the skin is healthy and fairer

4. Absolute Hydro Cream
Moisturize and protect the skin
A special cream as the formulation is extracted from marine plant
Skin becomes smooth and fairer

  1. Cleanse the face with Absolute Cleansing Wash. 
  2. Apply Absolute Hydro Fluid on your clean dry face. Gently massage your face from your neck up to your forehead. 
  3. Apply Absolute Serum and gently massage from your neck to your forehead. 
  4. Apply Absolute Hydro Cream the same way as previous steps.

Price: RM 280
Where to get? - call  0164224439  |  Instagram @oriderm_malaysia

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