Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pencil REVIEW

I got a lot of questions on "how I did my eyebrow" and what type of product that I used on my eyebrow. Some were asking me for recommendations and guide in purchasing "cheaper' alternative eyebrow product. I know there is not many options in the market in "eyebrow range" since it is a new makeup trend for us , Asians, specifically Malaysians. Most of my eyebrow products are not availble in Malaysia. Damn! I didn't realise it until one day blogger AidaZura asked me this question. 

Undeniable, a part of face and lip makeup, MALAYSIANS are nowadays are more concern on eyebrow makeup. You don't believe me? Look at the elder generation, our moms, their essential makeup routine are ; face (skincare, sunscreen, bb cream / day cream) , eyebrow (to give thicker illustration brows and colored brows -since they have grey hair brows) and lastly, lipbalm or lipsticks. Just giving you a rough ideas how important is eyebrow make up. 

Being a beauty blogger is not easy yet, exploring and playing with makeup is the most fun part in blogging life. Experimenting products consume TIME, MONEY ,EXPERIENCE(Try and Error) and KNOWLEDGE.

Currently there is 5-type of eyebrow makeup products in the market ;
1) Pencil  ( normal pencil / auto rotate pencil)
2) Marker pen (ink pen product )
3) Gel eyebrow product ( comes in jar form or tube )
4) Powder / eyeshadow  (in palette or single eyeshadow. can be replaced by using matte eyeshadow as long the color matches our eyebrow) 
5) Mascara (clear version / colored eyebrow mascara) 

Surprisingly my first Cyber Colors auto eyebrow pencil is completely finished! that shows how amazing is this eyebrow pencil to me and today I will telling you the unbelievable miracle done by this humble eyebrow pencil. It costs RM 19.90 at SASA and the packaging is tip top, nothing negative to say about the packaging, almost similar to Empro brand (the brand specialist in eyebrow product) and ya as usual, I would tell you my honest opinion on this eyebrow pencil. 

There's 6 colors in total from this line which are : Black, grey, grey-brown, dark brown, brown and light brown. I only owned two colors from them, one already finished and only have another pencil. I will restock more soon as Sasa is having sale until 1st Sep only.

The tip of the pencil is flat and straight. This makes my job easier and it pretty much helping me out in drawing &framing my eyebrows. I never knew that flat straight tip could give some influence/ effect in drawing brows until I found this. 

At the other end of the pencil, there's brush for blending purpose. The pencil is complete for eyebrow makeup, therefore it is very convenient and easy to carry around in your purse especially when you need to re-do your makeup after solat. I've been carrying this pencil around for more than a month! see the result! it's completely empty. hahaha. I'm totally obsessed with this eyebrow pencil. Highly recommended for newbies. easy to draw, easy to blend and creates natural brow look. TIP TOP product! 

Dark brown
It has ashy-brown undertone to it. The difference between brown and dark brown is the undertone color. Brown has red undertone while dark brown is more into warm ashy brown. 

Light Brown
It has red undertone to it but the color is lighter than brown. "Brown" is darker than light brown and has red undertone to it compared to dark brown which has grey ashy undertone. 
Besides that, the color eyebrow pencil also last quite long on the brows up to 8 hours in a day. Depending on weather, type of skin and techniques. 
Tips: Draw the desire frame on your brow. Then, filling in the color and blend with the given ended brush. So far, it lasts me up to 8 hours from morning to evening. If you have oily skin , wanted to secure the brows color, you may use this simple technique by setting it up with eyeshadow powder/ eyebrow powder. Take medium/ light brown color and apply it on top of it. The powder would set the drawn brows.  

To sum up, I really enjoyed and love this eyebrow pencil as it is very high quality porduct at affordable price. You can get this product at all SASA OUTLETS and priced at RM 19.90 each. 
MERDEKA PROMOTION: get 20% off for the first pencil and 50% off for the second pencil 
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  1. Nice! Mira lately ni day ketagih dengan touch up kening. Product ni macam menarik hati.

    1. aah Mira, eyebrow pencil ni wiida dah ada 6!hahaha. back up and skrg ada promo merdeka sale. 2 batang rm 26! murah tu. dah la tahan lama.

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