Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Samsung NX Mini - How to connect to Internet [Review]

Samsung NX mini

I have been using this camera for the past 4 months and it was a great travelling days with this camera as I can capture great memories and moments with my friends and family. Not only that, by having this light compact camera, I can upload lot of pretty sharp pictures in my instagram conveniently. Haven't follow my instagram? Please do so, I know you won't want to miss my pretty photos on my insta account. hehehe (perasan jap)

As you can see in my instagram account photos, I normally attach monopod to my camera cause it is 10 times much easier for me to take selfie photos while travelling and also taking photos at different and higher angle as well. Besides that, you can also control your camera via Samsung Camera app in your phone. Carrying this camera and monopod together around is never been a hassle because it is totally light and fits into medium size handbag perfectly! 

The main reason why I like this camera is because of the light-weight design, quality of the photos taken  , can be recorded , photos can be transferred instantly and also it is easy to use especially for a noob IT like me. haha. 

If you want to know more on features and info stuff on NX Mini, you can read it here as I have blogged about it earlier. 

Samsung NX Mini is the most affordable and worth compact camera for everyone. It is very useful for me. it is very convenient, light camera with pretty sharp pictures. It captures very sharp pictures and easy to use for all ages including old folks. This is because you rarely need to adjust the setting and can capture all photos perfectly without troubles unless in dim light environment (places with not enough light). Besides that, the pictures color have yellow tone to it yet it captures vibrant photos. Other than that,  everything is fine. 

Transferring pictures to phone

This camera also has wifi feature which allows you to connect and transfer all the photos "wireless" into camera data and this could save a lot time especially when you want to get the photos in the camera immediately even without having a computer / laptop. 

The connecting Symbol is actually " Direct link Auto function" . All photos taken could be transfer instantly onto phone wireless and instantly without using computer. After transferring all the photos, now you can just upload the photos onto your instagram or any social medias. Well, for me, I am active in instagram, therefore while travelling, I used this camera so that I could update my instagram in daily basis. 

Download this SamsungSmart Camera App application to your phone : 

Upload photo straightly  to Facebook.

Apart of transferring photos to your phone, you may also transfer the photos straightly to Facebook.


Scroll down if you want to see all the sample photos taken using my Samsung NX mini. :) Pretty cool kan? 
Recent vacation venues: Penang & Kuantan. 

This photo captured by using monopod in hand + self-timer. 

Night picture with dim light. The picture is a bit blur due to limited light. 

Night picture with dim light ( we were sitting under the light bulbs) 

Samsung NX mini with starter lens (9mm F3.5 ED lens) 
RM 1399

You may find all the Samsung NX mini photos by using #myNXmini on instagram

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  1. Cantik betul gambar dari camera samsung NX Mini ni.. Tak sabar nak memiliki.. huaargggggghhhh

  2. semua pic comey! WAJIB tengok IG okayy.. cantekkk!


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