Friday, 16 November 2012


Chocolate is woman's bestfriend. Everyone loves to eat chocolate whenever they feel like eating it or some are because of depression. But for me? I need to chocolate anytime and every day! Especially with my favourite dairy chocolate. Honestly, my first favourite chocolate was cadbury but later on , I found out Milka is better and nicer! Yum yum . Until now i can not live with out milka and everytime somebody go to Langkawi or airport, i will order Milka for my months stock. At least 4 to 8 packs. I really addicted with it!! You should try it! ;)

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  1. M&M's!!! saya suka M&M's tapi yang jenis peanut. hehe.. Milka tu macam sedap la. poskan saya satu. ekekeke...

    1. Milka memang sedap! you should try one. kalau u suka cadbury, u will like this more!! thinner and nicer than cadbury :) yum yum.

  2. you have an amazing blog!
    Those bags of chocolate are making me want some!


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