Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Wish: Too Faced -Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition

Too faced.
I never buy this brand before since its relatively expensive and I never try the brand before. But but but but!! just now I went to Pavilion to solve my telephone line problem (Maxis Centre)  and for sure I stopped by the Sephora to see the new products. I'm so excited with few holiday sets offered especially from Benefit and Urban Decay since these two brands are really my favourite makeup brand. HOWEVER, I saw a cute tiny pocket palette from Too Faced that successfully grabbed  my attention in few seconds!

Guess what?

The Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition palette is really cute, small, easy to carry, afford to buy since it is cost below RM 100, and really adorable with cute ribbon decor on it. Let me post up some pictures for you to see in details. Anyway, all these pictures are not mine, they're originally from google.

Cute classic packaging. Seriously she makes me melt in seconds. 

Following are the colors of the eyeshadow;

From Top Left to the right;

1) Light Gold- Antiqued Golden Shimmer
2) Gold-  Warm Golden Amber
3) Silver- Light Silvery Glitter
4) Light Grey- Metallic Grey Shimmer

From Bottom Left to Right;
5) Yellow- Pale Gold Shimmer
6) Brown- Golden Brown Shimmer
7) Dark Grey- Cool Gray
8) Black- Pewter Shimmer

I really like the eyeshadow colors!! especially  Light Gold, Gold, Light Grey, Brown, and Dark Grey.

The other three products are blush highlighter, lip gloss and bronzer.

The highlighting blush is in golden pink shimmer color. I found out this color is more to highlight since it is too pale and more to white color. The only thing I don't like about this highlighter is, too much shimmer. The sparkling glitters are everywhere. That's the only problem I had with this pralette.

Lipgloss- Clear gold. I really have no idea why this palette need to have lipgloss in it. I don't think its necessary to put together with powders especially beside bronzer and highlighter. its just makes the palette looks mess up. you know, sticky thing with powder. eeew. not nice. 
But don't think too negative, those are my personal thoughts since I'm not one of the lipgloss fans. If you need lipgloss in your makeup bag, then, you will like the existing of lipgloss in the palette. Different people have different views. :) Everyone has different taste. Yet, I still can accept the lipgloss in this palette!! That's why I really want to buy it. 

On the other hand, I really love their bronzer. the color is really pigmented in medium brown color. Really love it since my skin is not too fair and just medium. Just apply the bronzer lightly on my face, then tadaa~ done! ^_^ love the bronzer, can bring it anywhere I want to. 

Overall, I really wanted to buy this palette however I did not buy it because I have no plan  to buy anything from Sephora earlier and I didn't bring enough cash. I decided to postpone my initial plan. :( 
If my rezeki is still there, I will buy. :)

Price: RM 75 or RM 79 ( Forgot the actual figure)

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Thank you for reading. Take care~

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Sneak Peak at :  Make&BeautyBlog

Mwah, Mwah;

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