Friday, 16 November 2012

Dodgeball Game Fundraising for THE RACE 2 event


What is that? Dodgeball? is it like handball? Actually dodgeball is called "bola beracun" in bahasa and it is quite fun to play with friends in free time.(Google it for more details)..

(from google image)

 Anyway, my classmates was organised a tournament for sport players to play with and in return, we give them "certificates" for all the participants, medals for winners, and a trophy for the champion group. In a team, there must be 6 players including at least one girl, and another 2 guys for substitute ; in total of 8 people.
Surprisingly, I was participated in this game with my classmates!. Eventhough I'm not good in sport and really never know how to play this (never try it before) , but this experience was very precious and it gonna be in my mind like forever. (for sure,  I was ashamed/ malu giler because I don't know how to play and for some reasons I feel like a loser). Haha.

BUT still , I was "really" happy!!  Today was really an exciting day!
Will updates the pictures later. Need to ask my friend, she has all the pictures since she's the only one took all the pictures. hehe. That's all. Je suis tres fatique!! Thank you for reading! Goodnight :)

p/s: I'm not a sport girl, but I do love play certain games.. If you know me well, you'll know what kind of games I'm into with. wink wink!

Mwah Mwah;

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