Sunday, 25 November 2012

Photo-shoot session updated

Yesterday  *(last week) I spent my whole day posing in front of the camera, and put on heavy makeup on my face for a day. After sprayed the All Nighter Make up setting spray from Urban Decay, the makeup was still there on my face and still look decent after more than 8 hours. Thumbs up for this product!

Warning: There is no filter for all these photos, all are original from the camera. So, you can see lines on my forehead, true skin colors and condition (hope u did not see my pores), any wrinkles if its there, and my messy hair. (my hair was spoiled because of the wind and I was sweating on that time..). haha.

Picture balloons #1

me and my sister, Ayn

My sister, Ayn. 

She was telling me some gossips! hehe. gossip about you!

Picture balloons #2

Please help me~~ I was screaming for help.

MY Excited face! haha

P/s: Foundation used on both girls is Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse foundation.

Thank you.

Mwah Mwah; 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you thank you. The real reasons behind these pictures were because of the camera and photographer in order to help us to look good n cute. hehe. Credit to the photographer. thank u sabrina :)

  2. dua2 memang comel. hehe.. boleh jadi model. nice picture!! ^___^

    1. thank you. model? tak leh la. kami pendek. haha.

    2. eh, takpe.(ada high heels juga. hehe..) model majalah pun ok apa? :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. :) also credit to the photographer.

  4. Really gorgeous photos, they look really 'fresh'- I know an odd word to use. You and your sister seem really photogenic xx

  5. seriously both of you super cute,, look like twin..

  6. very pretty pictures girl .. all so natural and fun.. you and your sister look so alike. you guys twins?



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