Thursday, 22 November 2012

DIY aloe vera mask

Hi readers,
Just want to share with you guys, my first DIY mask. It is very simple and easy!
Normally i will use ready made mask from etude house. But today, i feel like doing my own mask recipe since my skin had sunburnt, thus i need aloe vera to cure it. So my DIY mask is really easy. Just need few cotton pad ,aloe vera gel ( mine is from natural republic), and also toner lotion.

At first, after cleaning you face with facial foam, apply toner all over your face. Wait for few minutes( let the toner absorb to your skin) . After done applying toner, u may apply the aloe vera gel all over your face and wait for few minutes til its absorb to your skin.

next, soak the cotton pads into toner lotion or water. In my case, i just soak it into a basin of tap water. Then, take the cotton pad and put a little bit of gel on it and stick on the face. It does gives you cooling effect and moisturize your Skin. Yehooo. Sejuk nye. best!! This is fun to do by yourself and also could save some money. ;p u can try this at home .

If you dont have cotton pad, do not worry. just wet a piece of tissue and put it on your face.
But remember, wait for few minutes, let the gel absord into your skin. You can apply the gel as much as you want . :)

>The aloe vera gel.
The nature republic aloe vera gel is a korean product and selling for rm 33 each. I bought this at Sunway Pyramid, im not sure if there is any branch for this brand, Nature Republic. It is very worth for money as we can use the product on our whole body from head to toe! ❤

Goodluck! :))

Mwah mwah!
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  1. i own the nature republic aloe vera gel trbiar je dlm kotak..thanks Wiida for the idea..blik nnt blh wt..hehe..


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