Sunday, 11 November 2012

Shopping Haul at Sephora and ACG Clearance Sale!

Dear readers,

Basically, I should post out this post by last week but due to my busy week, I was not able to post up by last weekend. I went to the ACG clearance sale for twice and bought few items from there. Seriously the items were really draw my attention, tempt and lure! I do think I spent more than RM 100 there. Here are some items that I managed to grab ...

The basic fake eyelashes. 

the hair look so natural , soft and nice. That's why I bought it. At first I was planning to buy the funky style design lashes, then when I think twice, I need something natural for daily look makeup. What do you think? Should I buy something funky to play with next time? Its nice to photo shoot with. Just nice in the picture but not in the real world. Kinda weird to wear fancy funky fake lashes and walk around the town. 

Lipsticks are my obsession. 

Simple descriptions; 
415 Pink in the afternoon- natural look pink. Love this color and always wear this color when ever I need light color on my lips. 
013 Smoked Peach - Matte orangy peach color. :) 
070 Soft Nude- Light nude color. If you like nude, you should try this color. 
005 Lipbutter sugar frosting- Pale pink. 

Revlon Photoready Airbrush mousse. 

On that day, this was selling at RM 30 only. I already tried this and was amazed with the formula! my skin really looks like edited in Photoshop! My mom and my sister also realized about it. 

150 ml Eau Thermale Avene the thermal spring water is only for RM 15.

Just know one thing . We can not shake this thermal spring water before use ok? :) all this time I always shake before use it. maybe its a habit to make sure all the mixtures inside mixed well. haha 

Silkygirl Funky Eyelights pencil in Solid gold and Ocean blue. 

Can't wait to play with these two colors! 

The Revlon Lipbutter in Sugar frosting, the sweet pink color. 

On the same week, Sephora Malaysia was having 20% off for all products! 

Because of that offer.......
My friends and I went shopping and I bought....

Urban Decay Naked 2

Finally Naked 2 is in my hand and Thanks to my friend, Shaza for made me jealous! She bought this palette first then by the time she got it, she sent me some pictures of this palette through imessage. Hello, this palette looks so tempting and of course I need to get it too! 
Original price was RM 179 and bought at RM 143 only. :) Quite a good deal ya? :) 

Urban Decay  Naked Skin Foundation in Shade 2.

and again thanks to my girl,same person Shaza. We went Sephora together and she tried this foundation on her face. Looks pretty on her face , thus I immediately bought this foundation since there's some discount on it. 
Price before discount: RM 149
Price after discount: RM 118 

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

I was aiming for this since January and for this sale, it was only for RM 60 instead of RM 79. For me, every Sen and Ringgit discounted are precious for me. 
Can buy one cup of Starbuck chocolate cream chip ok? yum yum. sedap!!

Okay, That's all my short shopping haul on ACG Clearance sale and Sephora Sale. 

Thank you for reading.

Mwah Mwah


  1. wow! nice haul, wiida. pink in the afternoon paling banyak review yang baik. nak cuba la nanti. hehe.. soft nude pun macam best. gila warna natural. haha..

    1. yup, soft nude lipstick mcm best. but love the smoked peach better. cantik :)

    2. trend sekarang ni macam lipstick warna peach or orange gitu. memang cantik.

  2. Replies
    1. Ya, Naked has foundation with wide range of colors you should try one! :) love the bottle packaging. Oh ya, their karma foundation brush also looks pretty. wish to have one <3

  3. yeayyy updated! hehehe yea because of me, u bought all of those hehehe, and because of you i bought all of mine. we influenced each other :P


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