Friday 15 March 2013

My Eyes Makeup- My Suka Ati makeup of the week

My "Suka Ati" makeup of the week. 

If you noticed, there is a white line on my eyebrow bone. It is actually my cat's fur. 
Ignore it please~ hehe. 

Combination of Teal, Baby blue (MUA Poptastic palette) , Light brown (Tease from Naked2 palette), Bright Purple (Elianto) and Silkygirl funky eyeliner in Ocean blue. 
Eyebrow and inner corner highlighter: random glittery white eyeshadow (no brand) .

How did I created this look?

1) Dab teal colour on the middle of eyelids

2) Put tease brown from Naked 2 palette or any light brown at the 1/3 of the eyelids. The closest part to the inner corner. Blend it into the teal colour. (ombre ombre ombre style)

3) Apply bright purple to the end of the eyelids.(outer corner) 

4) Blend these three colours well, so that they didn't look separate with each other. (ombre ombre ombre style)

5) Take bright baby blue (make sure really pigmented) Then apply V shape at the crease. Blend it well with purple and the rest (Its like outline of your eyes/ follow your eyes crease). (ombre ombre ombre style)

6) Use Silkygirl eyeliner in blue on you lower lash line or waterline.(bottom part)

7) coated with teal colour eyeshadow. So here you'll get two colours at your lower lashline. ^_^

8) Apply your highlighter at the inner corner of your eyes and brow bones.

9) Ready to fly, Make you eyes some wings~ Eyeliner time!

10) Ta daaa~ You're ready with mascara ON/ fake them with pretty lashes <3

p/s Unprofessional tips from me:
To make it smokey-look, Replace baby blue to darker blue. :) 

This is not tutorial but I'd to share this, its MY WAY of doing makeup!! yeah yeah!!

Mwah Mwah;


  1. wiida!~
    very cute, makan masa x nk buat eye make up ni?

    1. Hahah. Tak la. Ni main2 je. Tu yg ada bulu kucing tak sedar. Haha. Idea tibe2 mai. Sekejap je. Pap pap pap siap. Cuma gedik pakai fake eyelashes. Tu yg lama tu. haha.

  2. Very pretty colours! :D

    And -
    I've nominated you (& your blog) for the Liebster Award! ♥
    Here's the post.

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁


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