Saturday, 30 March 2013

SASA and Essence Haul

Last Thursday I went to Putrajaya with my parents cause my mom  wanted to buy something overthere. Hence, I take this opportunity to buy my wishlist item which is beauty blender. 
I have no idea why my face recently quite flaky and dry. Maybe lack of warm water. 
Anyway, That's the reason why I really wanted that sponge.
Because of my limited budget, I just could get this cheaper version of sponge blender.
The original price was RM 19.90 and I got it for RM 17.90 after discount. At least there's a small discount. hehehe.

The packaging and template are written in Japanese language which I do not understand at all. wait! Japanese or Taiwanese/ Chinese language. Excuse me cause I know none, so I don't know how to differentiate them. huhu. Sorry, my bad. 

Then, I went to Parkson and found this Essence Limited edition Ballerina Backstage on sale. This is the past edition for Essence so I don't think you guys could find them in any Watsons stores. 
By the way, I got them for RM 7.90 each. I believe the original price was RM 14.90.
They're still in great condition, creamy and blend-able!
The colors also pretty and for your information, I swatch them on my arm and they're not even crease/ faded out after 6-8 hours. I need to remove them by using makeup remover or else, they would be there forever! hahha. not permanent but still, very hard to take them off, still need makeup remover.

Copper colour and also highlighter colour with pink tone. 

I'm not shopaholic but I love to buy things! 
What Am I?
Luckily I have no credit card or else Im gonna be Broke forever. 

Happy weekend  people!
Thank you for reading!

Yang Benar dan masih Waras;


  1. the cooper color Ballerina Backstage is so pretty !! alah, discontinued product ke, no wonder i never found them at watsons :(

    1. I heard so much about beauty blender.. tapi tak pernah try... bentuk die comel :P

    2. Yup, beauty blender comey and really easy to use. You should try it Illy!

      Fiery, Ballerina, certain Watsons je carry any limited edition collection. And the're really limited. Tp tu la, I nak je collect all Essence products tp selalu habis and jarang restock.

  2. ooh, the eye souffles look so lovely :)

  3. I love the beauty blender dupes from Sasa! They're really good! :D

  4. murahnya sponge tu. ingatkan mahal. susah la nak jumpa produk essence di tempat saya. hari tu pergi KL pun sama juga. tak juga jumpa2. wishlist saya nak produk essence edisi Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn. nak sangat. kalau wiida ada jumpa, nak kirim arr.. :)

    1. Aah, Essence ada certain Watsons je. But most of the limited edition items tak masuk kat Malaysia. I've no idea why. I pun nak try their Vintage collection, but mmg tak de masuk :( sedih la why certain limited edition tak de kat Malaysia.
      Anyway, last week I went to The Curve Watsons, and I saw Maybelline Color Tatoo samples there. Tapi barang sudah abis. I think Malaysia Maybelline brought them in! Maybe for next few months they'll be available in nationwide Watsons stores. ^_^ hehee. good news!

    2. Maybelline Color Tattoo di Watson? wow..memang good news la! teringin sangat nak try.hope watson jual murah.hehe...

    3. Aah only at certain stores. I beli kat guardian and found few at caring pharmacies too. :)

    4. certain stores je? terpaksa la round satu KK. hadoii... hahaha...

  5. The Essence eye souffle looks so lovely but I'm sure I'm never gonna find it. :( Btw, I found a beauty blender dupe for only RM12 at Sasa. :D And it is good too!

  6. Lovely eye shadow! ^^

  7. Essence Ballerina Backstage in copper is lovely girl.. I'm heading to Allamanda this week to try my luck and see if i can get my hands on it or not... =) thanks for sharing. Awesome blog.. I slalu datang stalk blog awak ;) heheh...

  8. beauty blender ada yang murah rupanya haha ingat mahal2 saja.. <3

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