Friday 8 March 2013

Review: Tebe Lavish Bar Soap

Assalamualaikum to all muslim readers and Hi to to everyone!

I'm so thankful because I get a chance to review a special "body and skin care" which I believe they're made from natural ingredients; the goodness of olive, for the face, body and face made with pride on the Simunovich Olive Estate, NEW ZEALAND.

Did you know most of our beauty products contain chemical? 

and the painful part is, 
most of the products contain high chemical and harmful to our skin and body. 

Maybe we think, we need that chemical to remove dirt and bacteria. 

But then, when we think about it again, how many items are we using on our body head to toe that contain chemicals? 

Can you count how many products are only made from natural ingredients and doesn't have high chemicals? 

Can you count?

 I can't!

 Even my hairspray contains chemical, makeup, showergel, my facial foam, deodorants, hair shampoo, hair mask, shower gel , perfumes and many more.

Basically all items have chemical but the main thing that we concerned about is the level of the chemical in it.
 (I'm not good in this, so, for more information better go to beauty and health consultant that could help explain this better. I need to learn this too). 
Does anyone know about this? we could share knowledge together :)

What I know, I let my body be free from chemical, sometimes. 

For example; 
Bullet Graphics A day with no makeup (weekends/ any free time)Bullet Graphics
Bullet Graphics I would let myself free from deodorant -if I'm staying at home. Bullet Graphics
Bullet Graphics I'm currently avoid from ready made/ any packet masks and started to apply natural masks for instance yogurt, white egg and traditional flower powder mask.(bedak bunga rampai)Bullet Graphics
Bullet Graphics On weekend, sometimes I try to avoid from any shampoo and replace it with tamarind juice(asam jawa for cooling effect)Bullet Graphics
Bullet GraphicsAnything that can let my body relax and free from chemical.Bullet Graphics

But I haven't found any natural alternative for my body wash. 
Luckily I've been introduced to this and so far, it works great on my eczema skin.
 No more itchiness, no more dry skin like before, no more doubt on it. 

My skin was very dry before. What I mean by very dry is very very very extremely dry until I can draw anything on my skin using my finger nail. hmm. 

I never heard about this product before but once I know their benefit and tried the product for couple of weeks, I believe everyone should try this too! 
This brand is highly recommended to try!
 Because they're natural, from olive and save to use. 

Bullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet Graphics

"It is the one product in the world that no one is allergic to and that makes it perfect for beauty treatment" (Simunovich)

Bullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet Graphics

This product is originally from New Zealand and the olives are from the largest New Zealand's Carbon Positive Olive Grove, Simunovich Olive Estate. 

I haven't try their face samples yet. Currently using the lavish bar soap and I'm loving it. 

Wrapped with a paper. The soap smells amazing! I was surprised!

My first impression when I got it, I was "amazed" and never thought that the product going to be this nice. When I first heard about this product; "natural basis", "olive oil" and "eco-friendly products" then I thought they would have olive extract smell/scented (Which I don't like) but my thoughts were wrong. Surprisely they smell amazing , really nice and gentle cleanse on my skin.

There are two ranges which are "Olive" with extra virgin olive oil and "Tebe" with olive leaf extract. 

If you want to know the difference between these two, you need to go to their kiosks as their beauty consultant would explain it better to you. I can't explain it here, cause it might be a long post.

Yes, the benefits of olives are very long, there are a lot, uncountable and there is no ends for it. 
To make it short, olives are really good for us!

My Opinions on Tebe Lavish Bar Soap

Bullet Graphics Super nice smell. pleasant scented soap using hypoallergenic fragrances.Bullet Graphics

Bullet Graphics The size of the soap is big. its like a giant soap and for me, it can last for few months. If I'm using the soap alone, and use it daily, it can last up to 8 months (This is because I'd using this soap since last two weeks and the shape has not much different)
Bullet Graphics

Bullet Graphics Its like user-friendly soap and can be use for anyone/ suitable to all ages  
Bullet Graphics

Bullet Graphics It is also a great choice to be a gift for your mother, grandma, aunties, sisters, friends, good friends and anyone that needs luxury feelings and spa during bath time. Safe to use for all ages since it is made from natural ingredients.Bullet Graphics

Bullet Graphics Very worth to have one eventhough it is quite pricey. RM 68 for 170g soap bar but it is very huge! worth every penny! 
Bullet Graphics

Bullet Graphics It contains olive leaf extract, rich in Oleuropein, which is a natural antioxidant beneficial to your skin. (feel moisturized, skin feel soft, cleansed, nice scented body and refreshed. I can't ask more. Perfect for me. It is not like normal soap bars on the shelves market. 
Bullet Graphics

Rate: 4/5

Look at that! the soap is really big! 


OLIVE with extra virgin olive oil range

Olive Nourishing Day Cream 45ml RM 130

Olive Rich Cleansing Milk 100ml,  RM 65

Olive Refreshing Face Mist 60 ml, RM 116

Olive 100% Natural Lip Balm, Rm 29

Olive Moisturising Night Cream 45ml RM 130

Hair Nourishing Shampoo, 250ml RM 92

Olive Hair Hydrating Conditioner, 150ml RM 92

Olive Hand Moisturising Cream, 75ml, RM65

Olive Hand Flowing Soap, 250ml RM 58

Olive Refreshing Bubble Bath 250ml, RM 72

Olive 100% Natural Massage Oil 100ml, RM 72

 Olive body Moisturizing Milk 250ml, RM 82
Olive Natural Soap Bar 100g, RM 29

Olive Hydrating Shower Gel 250, RM 65

Olive Oatmeal Soap Bar 100g, RM 29

Olive Baby hair & body wash 100ml, RM 65

Olive baby massage oil 100ml, RM 76

Olive Baby Moisture Milk 100ml, RM 92

Olive Baby Nappy Cream 75ml, RM 92

Tebe with Olive leaf extract
Tebe Face day cream 45ml, RM 154

Tebe Face Night Cream 45 ml, 160ml

Tebe Cleansing face polish 50ml, RM 101ml

Tebe 100% Natural Lipbalm 10ml, RM 58

Tebe Gentle Eye cream 20ml, RM 130

Tebe Face Cleansing Milk 100ml, RM 92

Tebe Face moisture mist 60ml, RM 146

Tebe Face Hydrating Wash 60ml, RM 92

Tebe Body moisturising milk 250ml RM 154

tebe Hydrating Showel Gel 250ml, RM 76

Tebe Soothing Foot Cream 75ml, RM 111

Tebe Hair Hydrating Conditioner 150ml, RM 106

Tebe Hair Nourishing Shampoo 250ml, RM 106

Tebe Hand Moisturising Cream 75ml, RM 106

Tebe exfoliating soap bar 170g, RM 68

Tebe Hand flowing soap 250ml, RM 76

Tebe Lavish soap bar 170g, RM 68

Tebe Men's Hair & Body Wash 250ml, RM95

Tebe Men's Hydrating face Balm, 45ml RM 95

Tebe Men's Shaving Cream 100ml, RM 87

Where to find this product?
Outlets of The Skin Topic
1) Level 5, P5.12.00 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
2) Lower Ground Floor, LG C01, Subang Parade Mall, Subang Jaya.

Visit to their website to know more

The Skin Topic carries 3 brands in their outlets which are Tebe & Olive, Linden Leaves and Wild Ferns. Just incase if you wonder why this product is available at The Skin Topic Outlets. :)

What do I think about their price?

For me, its kind of reasonable price for everyone to have any item from this brand since they're good and some of them is 100% natural ingredient. 

Even the 100% Olive lipbalm only costs RM 29 and this can be our starter kit from this brand. try it out and see the result.

But whatever it is, I think you should try it with one product and slowly change our "ordinary beauty style" into quality living with natural products. 

The price is quite expensive but if we compare to other brands(high end products)  and other natural product brands, they are much higher. 

Lets watch this video , more information on the products straight away from the founder, Branka Simunovich. ^_^ 

Thank you for reading!

Have a Joy day!

Mwah mwah; 


  1. cam nak try la sabun ni.. menarik plak :)

    Anyway, I love your suggestion on ways to try ensure our bdy is free from chemical..

    I cant how many chemical I applied to my body on everyday basis as well :P haha


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