Tuesday 5 March 2013

My February Beauty Favourites 2013 Edition

Assalamualaikum and Hi All!

It's time for my favourite makeup stuffs! haha. Oh yaaaaaa! I'm so excited with this! haha. I'm not showing off but just want to share items that I used a lot on this month.  

Yeah, here we are, revised back all products that I loved the most in this month.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
This foundation is very light and spread very well on my face. Plus, the liquid is very watery and blend-able.  I love to use this foundation because it gives me light to medium coverage. More to medium plus can last for about 6 to 8 hours. It depends on your weather, temperature (indoor or outdoor) and place.
Besides that, the other reason I like about this product because it can cover up my dull face and makes my face looks dewy and glowy. ^_^
But remember, this foundation doesn't cover much on scars, pimples and so on. Only can cover up to medium coverage not full coverage.
Enough for me cause my face doesn't have any big scars or pimples for the moment. Need to apply concealer if you want more coverage.

Best way to apply: Using wet sponge and apply "dab dab" method. What do we call that method ya? I can't recall any word to replace it. haha.

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M.A.C Blush Marilyn Monroe Edition in "Legendary"
Summarize as L. O. V. E
Natural pink-peachy color on cheeks make me in love with it~ 
Comfortable to wear it, daily basis color, long-lasting and its like my eternity choice blush color. Once you comfortable with something, you will go for it all the time.
My Easy-Going-Blush-Colour.

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NARS Blush in "Taj Mahal"
This blush is really pigmented and need confident to apply it. Plus the color is dramatic, very orange-y and need to control the amount of product applied on cheeks or else we might end up look like a clown.
But the only reason I like this blush because it is really a long lasting blusher! Last time during working time(part time job), I applied it at 8am and when I went to toilet at 6pm, I noticed that this blush color was remain there and my cheeks look fresh almost similar to the morning-time color.. Absolutely amazing!!! hahah. (I applied it in light pressure and the color only faded a bit) I was amazed! No need to touch up!
Best way to apply: By using Stippling Brush cause this brush only pick less/not much product and gives light pressure on skin.

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Silkygirl Big Eye Mascara
Sometimes I use other mascaras for trying purpose/ just want to change my mood. BUT most of the time, this is my number one mascara. FYI, this is my second tube.
The brush is very hard and not that quality but the formula is totally genius/awesome/ syok abis la!
I'm a person that lazy to remove eye make up using remover and this is definitely my best friend!
It is super easy to remove with warm water and will not leave any smudge-y effects under your eyes on the next day! NO MORE PANDA EYES!

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MUA Brow Kit
Has 3 different tone to choose; blonde, light brown and darkbrown including a slot of wax in there plus additional brow tools; tweezers and brow applicator. 
Easy to blend, pigmented, and great choice of colors. Mix and match according to your style! 

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Essence Cream Eyeshadow, limited edition in Circus Circus. 
Color:  Number 2, Raise the curtain for...
Easy to apply, but not that creamy. I believe Maybelline color tatoo is creamier (I don't have any from Maybelline color tatoo collection so I can't say much but I did swatch and tried them during Singapore trip). I guess I need to have one so that I can compare these two products. 
Overall, I really like it cause the color is pretty, can last up to 6 hours, easy to apply especially on lazy day. Also can be eyeshadow base color and for me, the color is almost similar to Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow in Pistol color but not 100% the same. Almost similar which is 70% -same- color. The only different is, this color has a bit of gold undertoned . Will do a review on this. 
p/s: the price is only RM 14.90 :)  Give a try! Store it into your collection!

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FreshLook Contact lens in Pure hazel
Nothing left just love. :) <3
Soft. Comfy. Pretty. Natural.
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NYX Soft matte Lipcream in Istanbul
MasyaAllah! This is my favourite matte cream eveeer!!
It looks smooth on my ugly dry cracked lips and I can't describe the smell. Pleasant smell and reminds me of cakes. haha. I have no idea why! The color is absolutely gorg on me.haha (I mentioned "only on me", so that You couldn't blame me if the color doesn't suit you, better you go to Sephora and try it before purchase because different color look amazing on different people). 
I like this color so much. Planning to get San Paulo and Milan.  
What do you think?

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Benefit Coralista Lipgloss
When I like one product, its gonna be in my travel purse forever! haha.

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Etude House Bee Happy Lipbalm in Peach
 Moisturing. Cute packaging. love the peachy smell. 
It repairs my cracked dry lips. I don't know whether this lipbalm gonna be work on you cause it works on me. haha. 
p/s: I got a bad habit. I put my lips into the pot instead of using finger. No one else going to use this, so.. sorry, Its mine. haha.
It just me. I know it sound gross and disgusting but  I need more product  instead of using finger which is only pick up a bit of balm and I feel not satisfied enough. 

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That's all for this post.
What do you think? How about your monthly beauty favourite?
Do leave your url in the comment section below. 

Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwah;


  1. Dear wiida,pls do a review about the FreshLook lens..it looks very beautiful.. (^_^)

  2. Hello, I nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can check on here


  3. I've always wanted to try the NYX lip cream but I heard they're drying on the lips. Does it dry out your lips?

  4. That blush is soo pretty! New follower :)


  5. What filter you used? It's gorgeous ! ;D



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