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NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in Istanbul Review and Swatches

Assalamualaikum and Hello beautiful Readers,

This time, I want to post a review or some of my opinions on this fantastic NYX lipcream especially in my favourite colour, Istanbul (in other word, I only have this colour) haha. Because one of the blogger has been asking me about this lipcream and I thought this could be a good idea to write a post bout it and share my thoughts together publicly with you all.

I don't know about you bout for me especially my cracked lips and also known as extremely dry lips, this lipcream works very well on me. 

MY humble Opinions

Normally I don't like to wear Matte lipsticks except for special occasions / events which I need  long lasting colour lips, bold lips colour, then I choose "Matte" lipsticks. Yet, after discovered this lipcream, I fall in love with it and it has been stucked in my makeup purse for almost 3 months since the time I purchased it. I really like it and always touch up with it.

Bullet Graphics When I apply it on lips, it glides smoothly and the colour spread evenly.

Bullet Graphics Most of the matte lipsticks will dry up our lips, so do this lipcream but if compare between my existing matte lipsticks (Revlon, Stage and Etude House), this lipcream is the best and doesn't dries up my lips badly. (need to apply a bit chapstick/ lipbalm before or after u applied this lipcream) but ya still drying. errr, cause I have really dry lips and normally I just apply Lip ice/ tinted lip balm/ lipbutter :)

Bullet Graphics Surprisely, it is quite moisturising compared to other matte lipstick/ cream.  

Bullet Graphics The colour is really matte, opaque, bold and pretty!!

Bullet Graphics Highly pigmented.

Bullet Graphics Smell like butter/ cake/ something nice/ very pleasant to me.

Bullet Graphics The texture is very creamy, silky smooth on lips, light and easy to apply.

Bullet Graphics Reasonable price

Bullet Graphics Non-irritant

Bullet Graphics I had no problem with the applicator and packaging. Small, sleek and travel-friendly.

Bullet Graphics Personally I love this lipcream but only wear it when I feel my lips are pretty and less cracked/ not too dry (my lips always have dead skin or white pieces) . Plus everytime after I used this lipcream, I need to use lips scrub to cleaning up the excess dead lips skin. Hmmm but I still love this lipcream.( stubborn girl)

Bullet Graphics This lipcream only can last about 2 hours on me cause I like to lick my lips.(same to other matte lipsticks) haha.I don't know why,maybe because of my dry lips and I always touch up with lipbalm but on other people maybe could  last longer, depends on techniques wearing it. I always apply lipbalm after applied this lipcream to achieve smooth flawless moisturising lips.

Bullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet Graphics Worth to own. I bet you need to try this lipcream if you are makeup lover. Bullet GraphicsBullet GraphicsBullet Graphics
Bullet Graphics Buy one, try yourself. Highly recommended lipcream to everyone.Bullet Graphics

My bare lips are not that pretty ya? hmm. I need to do something so that they look sexy and gorgeous.  
How to do that? Any tips? I want Marilyn Monroe lips please (demanding for that) hahah. Maybe I need a kiss from a prince charming. hmmm. Im not attractive so I don't think prince could notice me. haa.  forget it!. 
Alhamdullilah Syukur je la. haha

They are actually  quite smooth and less cracked compared to other matte lipstick. 
Thumbs up! These pictures are only with NYX Matte lipcream and no chapstick applied.

Caution! Non-edited pictures. So you may seen my new freshie pimples on chin. Please ignore it. Thank you. (malu la)

Swatches: NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in Istanbul

The colour of the lipcream in this picture is the closest to the real colour. 
Very light pink, almost similar to my bare lips but still got some colour. My sister called it cute baby doll pink. But the pink is not too light compared to Tokyo ( I did swatch them together side by side before purchased this and I noticed Tokyo is way lighter).

Sephora outlets :  RM 27
Colourcosmetics  : RM 25

 The product claims:
" It's not lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's lipstick cream that goes silky but looks soft matte". 

That's all from me.
Hope this post could help you even a little bit. I know there's not much info but more into my thoughts. haha
I didn't forced you to buy them but eventually I recommend them to you atleast to have one.
Spending RM 27 for pretty special lipcream into our makeup collection is not that bad right? 

Yes? ...


 That's what I thought of. But, its your money, you need to decide it your own.. 
Make up your mind girls. You could ask your bff's opinions too or boyfriend if had one..

I'm planning to get another two colours which are Milan and San Paulo. ^_^
They are in my wishlist.! Hope I could get them before 2014. huhuhu cause I have a lot of things in mind to grab but only have oneeeeee problem..
 $$$ keching keching!! MONEY. hahaha

Have a nice day people and enjoy your last few days of the week.

Stay beautiful and matte

Mwah Mwah;


  1. I love nyx soft matte lip creams. I have san paolo. pretty shades.. just wish they weren't drying ! you have a beutifull blog n pretty pics indeed! thnx for dropping by my blog! following you <3

    1. Thank you so much dear! .:) I love lipcream cause this is the only matte lipstick that gives smoothes finish on my dry lips. (So far) Haha. But i agreed with u, they're drying and not long lasting. Anyway, I love your blog too! ❤

    2. Thank you so much dear! .:) I love lipcream cause this is the only matte lipstick that gives smoothes finish on my dry lips. (So far) Haha. But i agreed with u, they're drying and not long lasting. Anyway, I love your blog too! ❤

  2. What a pretty shade! :D I'll def check these out next time at the drugstore.

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

  3. Great review! And I think the shade looks amazing on you :)
    I'll try the lip cream too! I'll grab it with me when I'm at the drugstore! :)


    1. Thank you, Ya, go try one! Absolutely a good matte lip color product to try. :)

  4. The shade suits you!! I also made a review about this lippy in shades tokyo, san paulo, antwerp and istanbul. I suggest you try antwerp. it's my favorite out of the bunch!! :)

  5. Pretty shade! And great review, I like your blog ^^

    I just followed you,, follow me back please ^^


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