Sunday, 14 July 2013

Accessories Haul (July edition)

Assalamualaikum you all~~ Hello..

Recently, I bought quite a number of accessories from Forever 21. Normally I don't really buy accessories this much cause my mom always buy me gold jewelery (mak-mak suka beli emas) and I will only buy IF they are in sale or something that I can't really forget it for few days. 
Here  my F21 haul that I've bought  together with Syafiqah Hashim  after attended  an event . She's really obsessed into fashion and accessories. I can see it, I can feeeel it babe, now I have accessories shopping friend :)  hehe. jangan marah sayang, your are my accessories consultant. 
By the way, I got 10% discount (using my student card), only can be used from Monday to Thursday and on  normal price items ; fashion and accessories. 
Let me go through the price from clockwise direction

The Black Love rings set (RM 19.90)
Ribbon ring (RM 9.00)
Duo rings (RM 9.90) - not too sure cause I've already threw the receipt and the price tag. The price is roughly  RM 9.90
Ribbon necklace (9.00)
Love necklace (14.90) 
The total was RM 50 ++ after 10% off, but I'm too sure the exact amount. Sorry guys. But, you may check them out later! 
p/s: Forever 21 at Pavillion is like heaven but at the same time, pocket koyak. ok bye! hahaha. The store is 
 Besar GILE!

Thank you for reading this short entry.
Sayang u all~ 

Mwah Mwaaaaaah!


  1. I'm a true fanatic of accessories. Not truly shown on my blog but seriously, I'm especially in loooooove with rings. I think it is such a statement piece.

    1. Ya me too! But sometimes rings r too big for me since fingers are really petite mcm kanak2 nye jari. Tp yg ni ok la muat for jari tangan kanan (cause slightly bigger than left hand) hehe. Rings mmg lawa2 !

  2. comel2 aksesori yg dibeli..Asyik suka dua2 necklace tu..:)

    1. Kan? Wiida pun suka dua dua necklace tu. actually mula mula pilih 3, then rasa mcm byk sgt, downgrade to 2. Hahah. Ni 2 pun x leh nak choose satu. Kena amek gak dua dua ni.

  3. awhhh..really happy sbb dh dapat geng nak shopping..
    wink wink ^_^

  4. saya suka aksesori terutama subang. hehe.. ada emas yg mak beli pun saya tak suka pakai gara2 takut kena ragut. wakaka.. aksesori yg wiida pilih semua cantik. hari tu tak sempat ke Forever 21. huhu..

    1. Tu la. Before this if Wiida pi mana2 F21, x penah beli accessories dia except earrings la. Ni ter beli sekali gus kedebuk byk. Semua kena blame Pika!! Hahah.

    2. Nnti kalau puteri dtg KL, singgah la F21 :) tp dtg la time sale, baru best! Heheh

  5. Replies
    1. Comey kan? My favourite yg dlm pic pakai tu. best gile! Selesa n lawa lak tu. gerammm je. Rasa mcm nak g tempah wat silver. Hahah

  6. Hi there. Cute accessories. I like the necklaces. ^_^


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