Tuesday 16 July 2013

My Mumbling Monday

Assalamualaikum and Hello,

How's your day?
I have no idea why today my mood is better than yesterday and before. Maybe I have submitted my final projects and this week is my "free week"  so I feel a bit relieve (supposedly I need to do revision, but it's alright I still have four days to study) and pay more attention into my blog . Oh deaaarrr! I really miss blogging and if you noticed, there's only 7 posts on June... I was really busy with mountain of assignments and unintentionally neglect my blog... 

Today, with  fresh breath of July, I represent you my new blog image design with blue theme (I don't know why I didn't choose pink theme, maybe I just want to do something different than I normally do? ) W.e.i.r.d.o

What do you think of my new blog design?
Okay? Not okay?
Please leave your thoughts on the comment section below. I will appreciate your honest comments. thank you :) I'm a bit dumb in designing. (national confession) hehe. 

Oh, One more thing that I need to confess now... I have a really bad symptom of selfie and camwhore. This getting worse from day to day...  Everything I do, everything I bought, I will update it on instagram and even straightly using it... hahaha. 
Let take this as example....
I bought this jumper from H&M for only RM 29! Like seriously? A jumper only RM 29?! Oh YES! Therefore, without any rational thinking, I just grabbed it (only left size M and L, of course I chose M size since I'll wearing it as outer top and has a nice woman cutting too) without trying it out! Luckily it fits me nicely. :P  Nampak tak gelojohnye I shopping?! hahaha. 
Anyway, you may check out H&M stores as they are having an immense discount for all range! Guys' sweater also is only from RM 19.... Starting price for ladies clutch is from RM 10, Maternity dress is from RM 29 and above and MANY MORE! 

Bright mint green jumper from H&M.

This is the outfit of the day
(I'm also want to do outfit of the day, since a lot of bloggers do so..  jealous ok? nak gak! hehe)
 Top: Jumper from H&M
Pants: Dark blue skinny jeans from Uniqlo 
Shoes: Jelly Bunny Flat
Hangbag: Long Champ from Planetes collection, Tote bag .

This is my new corner decor... Remember my long white drawer where I keep my makeup? Hahh!! This is the place, but this picture only shown the corner of it. heheh. 
What do you think about this new decoration? Most of items are from Daiso, Ikea and Nilai Store.

The white vase is from Ikea, The shoe is from one of stores located at Nilai which is only RM 2.50, The green ball grass is from Nilai store too (I've forgot the name of the shop, but I think  it's English Rose Garden store) ,The cupcake plate and the roses collection are from Daiso (Just bought them all today), I think only Daiso Setia Alam Mall still having them, others branches already sold out.. 

The pink roses collection : Daiso 
Cupcake plate: Daiso
White Vase: Ikea
Green grass ball: Nilai
Shoe coin bank : Nilai

This place will be my photo section corner..All products going to be shoot here. 
Now my secret has been revealed, so, in the future if you see my pictures with this kind of decoration, diam diam la ok?. :P heheh, Just pretend that you never know this corner, maybe all of my pictures are taken at a special studio? I'm professional photographer maa :P (*piak! perasan!)

That is all for Mumbling Monday

Goodnight pretties,
Stay calm, put on lipstick and kiss mirror.

Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwah!


  1. 1. I like the blue theme cuz I always prefer blue over pink for my self. I'm not a pink lady after all. :P

    2. Absolutely in love with your jumper! Mint colour? Sold. H&M is quite far from my house. So malas nak keluar. :p

    3. I love the little set up for blogging background. I always choose mine wherever I feel inspired and want to. I think it's a wonderful idea to have a little set up just in case i need to do an impromptu photoshoot for my babies. haha.

  2. baby blue & mint green merupakan warna kegemaran saya! yay! so... saya suka dengan design baru blog wiida w/pun sejujurnya pink lagi sesuai untuk wiida. hehe.. dan saya suka jumper tu, cantik! OOTD simple but nice. like like like..corner decor tu cute sangat.:)

  3. cantik warna ni..nampak lebih fresh..:)

  4. Eh eh eh gambar spa party!! :)

  5. I like your blog layout and design is cute and simple.
    Very suit with your cute and adorable personality.
    Baby blue ok ma...You're definitely are not weirdo la...
    Love you table decor too...

  6. your new blog layout so nice ! =D

  7. Ypur blog design is cute what! Nampak kemas simple je but still eye-catching =)

  8. Super love your new blog design! Cuteeeee!!!

    I love that H&M sweater! <3


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