Sunday, 21 July 2013

Havaianas Flip Flops Malaysia!

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys!

Have you ever heard about Havaianas? If you are travelling outside of Malaysia , by any chance did you see Havaianas kiosk at any stores? 
In Malaysia, there's three stores located in Klang Valley area.

1) Lot 4.52.00 Level 4, Pavillion 
2) Lot 313B, 3rd Floor Suria KLCC
3) 14, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi Dua Bangsar Baru.

We need to pronounce it as HA VA YAH NAS
ok children? now you know how to pronounce it correctly. hehehe.

Let see the Havaianas Exclusive Designs

I love these flip flops have butterfly on top of it .
The design look very vintage with flower on it.
Comey kan?
This design is very simple but at the same time nice with rhinestone on it. Blink Blink!

Very casual -loose wear Havaianas. 

There's variety of designs and colours to choose from. Basically all these "Havaianas" are uni-sex, so, same design can be worn by both gender, guys and girls. 

This is a picture from Pavillion store

There's variety of designs and colours to choose from white to black.
The staffs are really friendly, always smiling non stop and never do a bitchy face if you don't buy anything from them. They would served you equally, that is what I am looking for if I go to any counters or stores. Because I realised nowadays, If I go window shopping to any stores, the staffs would not served me properly. Sometimes they would do faces or even the way they looking at you is totally Annoying! 
Can't they just let us do our window shopping and just give us a smile. That is enough for us enjoyed our day.
For instance, I went to one of the high-end makeup brand counter last week, then the staff kept looking at me like I'm a thief or a kid that disturb her life. 
Not only that, yesterday (fresh baked story) I was looking for this one brand that I heard they are doing a sale. So, I went to their counter and asked the staff. Believe it or not, the staff said, 
"yes, everything is on sale a the price stated" (replied in lazy way)
Then I asked her: "ok, if this is the sale price, how about the original price? how much was this lipstick?"
She replied: "already discounted". 
Luckily I was fasting and can control my mood. Geram je dengan minah tu. adui.
Itu perempuan sangat pemalas. 
Few minutes later, she had a conversation with her friends, happily and surprisingly she's talkactive. 
Hmm. why with me she couldn't give a sweet smile or just talk properly. 
Huh... sorry for my short drama, I was pissed with this kind of people. They were not well-trained.

Anyway, Havaianas staffs are super friendly, no bias, no langsi, humble and the most important is they always smile. :) 

I  picked up "grey metallic" colour for my "Havaianas" since it matches my skin tone very well. hehehe.

If you are interested to get Havaianas, you may go visit their stores 

Follow their social networks to keep up-to-date


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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