Tuesday 16 July 2013

SASA Fragrance Fair & Award 2013

Hi and Assalamualaikum you all~ 
I was invited by Winnie from Vanity Trove to an exciting event held by SASA Malaysia. Who doesn't know Sasa? Almost all girls know Sasa, one of the beauty companies selling beauty brands stuffs in Malaysia..
Sa Sa International Holdings Limited is a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia.
In this year, Sasa organizing Fragrance Fair &Awards 2013  presenting 24 nominees over 5 category Awards which are;

1) Best Woman Fragrance (7 nominees)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

2) Best Men Fragrance (7 nominees)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

3) Best Couple Fragrance (3 nominees)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

4) Most Popular Fragrance (3 nominees)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

5) Best New Fragrance (4 nominees)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

In conjunction of this Fragrance Fair and Award, Sasa is doing a special vote for the vouchers. Anyone can get RM 20 Cash Rebate Voucher  for every vote made in this fragrance award and it is applicable for any purchase of nominated fragrance :) It is also need to be in single receipt for each voucher. One voucher redemption for single sales transaction. So for example, if you want to buy two bottles of perfumes with discount, you need to pay twice, with two different receipts, one voucher for one receipt only. Clear? So, this is your chance to buy your favourite perfume! hehehe.  
This fair starts from 6th July 2013 until 1st September 2013!! Even after raya you can buy the perfume.   
**The Award ceremony will be held in September 2013**


There are two ways to vote

1)      Go to SaSa Shops or Selective and ask for the vote form


p/s: If you are perfume lover, you might want to vote for this award even you are not buying it. Like me, I would vote for my favourite perfume, hehe... 
You can vote as many as you can! vote je, tak rugi apa apa ok?
Do you know why?
 Because instead of voting and get rebate of RM 20, you would also
  stand a chance to WIN 33 Fabulous Prizes worth RM 10,000 including the nominated fragrance!!! 

 So, what are you waiting for? GO to their website and just vote for your favourite perfume! 

One more thing, every bottle of perfume purchased RM 1 would be donated to Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Sound better? hehe. 

Not only that, (ada lagi) you would get their special cute limited edition umbrella worth RM 49 with minimum spend of RM 250 in a single receipt inclusive of nominated fragrance. 

Here are some of the pictures I took during the event.  Sorry for low quality of pictures cause I used my iphone for taking pictures and the lighting was quite dim, so the pictures are not so good. Anyway, I met Amber Chia - she's very pretty, nice, TALL and friendly!

She's so beautiful... her smile, her friendliness really killing me. Haha. Jealous aku dia pandai social. 

p/s: Don't be jealous, I got opportunity to take picture with her, side by side, selfie with my iphone. :) *happy gile

(picture from official Sasa photography)
This is the registration counter, as you see, the event was held at Delicious Duo Residency Jalan Tun Razak. 

(picture from official Sasa photography)
The minute you enter the restaurant, you would see this big stage in the middle of the restaurant. Basically, Sasa booked the entire restaurant for the launch. 

(picture from official Sasa photography)
The backdrop of the stage. It is actually a digital backdrop where it can change the design under man control. 

(picture from official Sasa photography)
When you walk further in, you would see this mini exhibition where they show the Nominated fragrances and attendees could sniffing them all if they are willing too. 

(picture from official Sasa photography)
It's me with Eida.. (Can you see me eyes? haha. )

(picture from official Sasa photography)
I wish I could pose like her. Maybe in 10 years time? hahaha (I'm still hoping my legs grow longer) 

(picture from official Sasa photography)

(picture from official Sasa photography)
Performance based on the 5 categories.

(picture from official Sasa photography)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

(picture from official Sasa photography)

(picture from official Sasa photography)
The opening gambit..Press the launching button! Oh yes! It is officially launched! 

(picture from official Sasa photography)

divider graphicsdivider graphics

OPS!! random picture. Outfit of the day.. 

Blouse: No brand.
Pants: From Armariohermana Instagram
Shoes: Vincci
Handbag: Charles & Keith

(Alamak! Terkantoi. My forehead is quite wide, but I'm not Flowerhorn ok?)

Thank you for reading!
Don't forget to vote your favourite perfume and puasa! hahaha

Mwah Mwah;


  1. omg..beautiful beautiful..Asyik suka semua parfume2 tu..Wiida pun comel, muka dh nk sama dgn amber chia..hehe:)

  2. I love perfume! saya vote Coach Poppy Flower, DKNY Fresh Blossom & CK. ;)

  3. yes... akak guna coach poppy! really awesome fragrance and i'll vote for it :) wink wink wink~


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