Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Happy Brown Day Tuesday with Famous Amos

A happy news for Famous Amos lovers! I just found out that Famous Amos doing a special day promotion on every Tuesday which is called Brown Day :)
So every Tuesday you can reload, stock up your Famous Amos as they would offer you free 50g for every 200g purchase. This means, If you buy 400g, you"ll get extra 100g for free! Yeayyyy! 
I have bought mine, how about you? 
Mine is in butterscotch with pecans :) yum yum.. happy Tuesday people! 

See mine! 250g of Butterscotch Chip with Pecans

picture taken from their facebook page

Time to eat my cookies while doing my assignments. Goodnight  semua!! ❤


  1. i love D n F..tp D kalo mkn slalu mau luruh gigi..

  2. minggu lalu beli Famous Amos Chocolate Chip with Pecans. hehe..

  3. I love famous Amos =)))

    I've just nominated you for Liebster Award on my blog , read it here


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