Tuesday 2 July 2013

My Paris Trip Shopping Haul including US Haul !

Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers!

I don't know whether you guys know this or not, I just came back from France about last two-three weeks and for sure I need to share my shopping haul with you guys. Sorry for the late post since I have plenty of non-stop assignments and reports to do after the trip (My final year projects).. hahah. But I still can having fun party-ing with the other bloggers. haha. It's soooo wiida. But for the next massage party, I can't join the crowd due to few reasons. I might do part time job on this weekend. Sorry Tammy :( But I will be always support The Butterfly Project Malaysia 
Anyway, for this post, I'm not trying to show off but I do this to give a rough idea what you could buy when you get there and I do think this entry gonna be interesting for shopaholic girls like I do. hahah. Any posts or videos on haul, I always be number one fans of it!

Lets see, what I have got during my France Trip! 
By the way, there's some items that I got from my friends, all the away from US (ordered and actually it is my late birthday gift)

Makeup haul from France and US. :) I just put them together so that I no need to do separate haul, plus I got the US products on the same day I reached Malaysia. 

These are the items that I got as my birthday presents from US. It is MAC limited edition collection; eyeshadow in daydreaming colour and lipstick in sounds like noise. The lipstick drives me crazy til now!
The Real Technique brush set that I got is really worth to have and what can I say is, if you go to US, do buy this brush set and try it yourself! Really amazing, soft, worth and helpful! I'm using all the brushes and the one that I love the most is the buffer brush and also the flat brush (second from left) as my concealer brush.

If you are first time user for this brush brand, I recommend you guys to get this as your starter kit. ^_^
you can use the buffer brush as you foundation brush, the contour brush to apply bronzer, blusher and cheeks highlighter, the flat brush for your concealer and the small brush for any place/ eye makeup that need attention or precise touch up. 

NARS haul that I bought from Sephora Paris!!
Since there is no NARS in Malaysia, so I couldn't resist from not buying Nars products! Come on, when else can I buy NARS? especially the blush that I loved.
At first I wanted to buy more products so that I can claim the "refund tax", but then, I decided to pay together with my friends. Because if we want to refund tax, we need to buy any products in one single receipt of purchased 175 Euro. 

The blush is named TAOS. I know maybe many of you never heard of this name and seldomly online seler selling this colour of blush! I was in love with this blush since Singapore trip last few months back. The time my friend, Shaza swatch the blush on my hand, I was freaking shocked and unbelieveable! on the pot, the colour doesn't look that pretty... but once it appears on skin, really beautiful. 
My earlier plan was to get Taos and Orgasm (the best-seller blush in Nars), but I didn't buy it because the colour doesn't show very well on my skin. Maybe I'm not fair enough to wear that kind of colour, but it's pretty. So, I decided to buy only Taos. Other colours like Deep-throat, sins are too pigmented on me, need to apply very light and soft, so, I just buy one blush from Nars at the moment which is the pretty Taos.

Next is the eyeliners!!!! Larger Than Life eyeliners! Well, a lot of people keep talking about this eyeliner! they say this eyeliner line is the best waterproof eyeliner and etc etc, so, I decided to give a try. I took black (Via Veneto) the safest ordinary colour to use daily and also the Summer 2013 collection eyeliner colour in Barrow Street which is very pastel cute mint green colour.

The last product is the lip satin pencil in Lodhi, Peachy orange-y pink satin lipstick.  Really pretty, and it was my favourite colour when I was in France. 

The true colour of Nars Taos Blush, without any filter. 
The colour suits nicely on all Malaysian complexion. 

Price of Nars and all cosmetics in France more less are the same, but maybe a bit less because of the refund tax, but still, not that much. 

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy EDT
Bought this at KLIA, not France because overthere this perfume is not available. My current daily favourite perfume :) Feel regret for buyng this perfume in 75ml. I want 150ml!! hahah. Feel sayang to use it but I love it!! This perfume kind of reflects my personal behaviour and it's really me. I can't explain it but I really love it sooo much!!!! So far this is the best smell ever!

RM 249 (75ml)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT, my only acceptable perfume from Chanel. hahha. I bought this at Paris airport and big credit to Vince Yap, my classmate for influenced me to buy this. She said, buy Chanel perfume at Paris airport,its gonna be special when you bring it home to Malaysia. ahhaha. I don't know the logic, but..Yes, I bought it because of her. She bought one too! so we gonna smell the same in class. hahaha. 

50 Euro (50 ml)

Bath & BodyWorks
Fragrance Mist in Pink Chiffon, the Signature Collection.
WOW! this smells amazing! I really like it cause I'm a person that into sweet smell and this really turned me into a little girl. :) 
Thanks to my friend that gave this as present from US. Thanks Fly! her name is Fly. 

The Beauty Stuffs that I managed to buy..
Garnier shampoos and conditioner, Phyto Shampoo and supplement, Bioderma makeup removers and lipbalm, L'occiatane handcream, La Roche Posay & etc.

Garnier Ultra Doux, I bought this at their hypermarket and it just costs me 3 Euro and works great on me. It does not dries up my hair, contains Aloe Vera and it smells nice too. Fall in love with this product after using it in the hotel but forgot to buy another one!
Garnier Hydra Liss 72H, What I know, these two are hair care for anti-humid environment which is very suitable for us that staying in a place that have high humidity and at the same time, non-frizzy(smooth) hair for 72hours. :) hahaha. The left one is the conditioner (Apres shampooing/ after shampoo), and right one is the shampoo. 
Price for each is 4 Euro.

Place to buy: Supermarket/ Hypermarket

Nectar of Nature hair mask.
This hair mask I bought at Carrefour express for only 3 Euro.
The smell is so amazing! freaking nice awesome smell of mango and butter nut, really moisturising too! If you dont like mango,I dont think u gonna like this, But I loveeeeee this so much! Feel regret for not buying another one. Only 3 euro but works fantastic on my hair. Really soften and treat my hair very well. so far I used this twice which in once a week as hair mask. Extremely good!

This shampoos is one of the items in my list. At first, I just want to get one bottle of this cause what I know, the price must be around RM 50 to RM 70( Since in Malaysia it costs about RM 89), BUT! my assumption went wrong, it's only 10 Euro which is RM 40 and the time I went there, they're having promotion which is 2 bottles for 14.50 Euro (RM 60). What a crazy deal! hahaha. I bought two bottles of this ^_^

Place to buy: Pharmacies / Hypermarket

 To pair up with the shampoo, I bought the hair supplement pills. I'm not sure how much does this cost in Malaysia but I'm pretty sure it is above RM100. However, in France, this is only 25.90 Euro (RM 103.60) for 2 bottles :) -promotion price. 

Place to buy: Pharmacies / Hypermarket

I never tried any L'occitane products by if you go there, you could stock up your favorites! Everything there is slightly cheaper than here. I took this hand cream to try and it is only 7 Euro (RM 28) but different places have different price. This is the cheapest price I found so far.

Place to buy: La Fayette or L'occitane boutique. 
If at pharmacies, the price gonna be slightly higher which is 9 Euro each. 

Bioderma Makeup remover.
 If you have seen my instagram picture, I did upload my overall haul from pahramcies and I bought a lot of Bioderma for my friends, family and even for myself! hahah. I bought 3 bottles of them for myself. Seriously, I really like it cause it removes my foundation, eye makeup and doesn't feel oily after using it. The texture just like normal water, cool and remove makeup effectively. 

Let me explain you what is the difference between the blue and clear one. At first I also don't know cause everything is in FRENCH,even the pharmacist don't know how to explain in english.  BUT now only I know. hehehe..

There are 3 types of Biodermas;

First: Clear Bottle- Crealine TS H2O (Right bottle)
This is for Very Dry skin! so, the efficiency is good for very dry skin, very sensitive skin, very very afraid of using random skin care on face, you can use this. I'm still using this even it is for very dry skin, I just continue using it cause it removes makeup very well. 
But, what I know, when I use this to clean up my smudge-y eyeliner at the bottom of the eyes, it couldn't help so much. just a bit, maybe because the formula allowed very gentle effect to skin. 
*Tres Seches (TS)= Very Dry Skin

Second Clear Bottle - Crealine H2O (same bottle like the right one, but no TS)
It is for dry skin and sensitive skin. Almost the same like TS, not much different.

Third Bottle, The Blue- Sebum H2O (Left Bottle)
It is for oily and combination skin. Actually this match perfectly to my skin, but I only knew it after 6 days in France. hahaha. After I bought tonnes of the Crealine H2O and Crealine TS H2O. hahaha.
So, I bought 2 bottles of this formula to try with and I found out that, it works great removing my eyes makeup maybe cause I have oily eyelids. hehehe. It works gently on skin but slightly stronger than the clear one. For me, Malaysian should buy this instead of the Crealine one because our skin is mostly normal, oily and combination. But, if you really have VERY DRY skin or you've flaky skin, then you should buy the dry one. 

Price: 9 Euro each bottle
Place to buy: Pharmacies / Hypermarket

Bioderma lipbalm, bought it in bunch cause there's no bioderma in Malaysia. hahah. 

The price is 2.50 euro for each and it really hydrate your lips.. I keep this one in my purse. :) 

La Roche Posay, this is a medicine to shrink your pimples and at the same time does not gives any pain effect. Seriously, sometimes I forgot that I put this thing on my face and next day I know, all of my pimples are shrinking! hehehe. This works wonderfully and bought it after recommended by the pharmacist. 

If you go there, do check out other range of skin care in their pharmacies especially this brand. A lot of positive reviews on it.

Price: 8.90 Euro
Place to buy: Pharmacies

Caudalie Divine Oil
I heard so many positive reviews on this brand and I decided to try out their new product. 
I have been using this oil since I was in France and what I know the oil absorb to skin nicely, doesn't feel any sticky and oily but moisturized my skin a bit. I used this mostly at France but once reached here, I didn't use it anymore. Maybe in Malaysia my skin tends to be oily due to the weather and humid. It can be used on face, body and hair! haha. 3 IN 1, if I don't want to use it on face, I can apply it on my elbow or even my dry hair. :)

Price: 14.90 Euro (50ml)
Place to buy: Pharmacies/ Hypermarket

What can I bought for myself were handbags and a purse. Well, I did bought handbags for my mom and sister but please excuse my lust cause I accidentally 2 handbags for myself! hahaha.
Oh, there's a funny story happened back in France... 
The first bag that I grabbed first was the black one Then, after few days later, I saw this red bag at Toulouse (south of France) and since it looks very special , my heart was whispering to me to take that bag home. But at the same time, I feel guilty cause I've already got the black one. By the time I was in  dilemma, confused and can't make any decision, suddenly, there was a  another girl standing nearby and keep looking at the bag that I hold. FYI, it is the last piece! I was holding the new one (still in plastic) and keep hugging it cause I think I couldn't leave it without bring it home! So, final decision was made,  after I saw that girl kept staring at my bag, I bought IT! Thank you girl for making me feel like in a movie. hahaha.
After few minutes later, I went to the place back, to show the display bag to my friends and it was sold out. I guess that girl bought the display one. hehehe. (bad bag girls fight) 

For the purse story, I went to La Ville which is near by the Disneyland place. It is situated outskirt of Paris and if you go by train, the train station is one stop before Disneyland station. Quite far from Paris, it is about one hour journey but it worth your day! 
Once you reach the station, you go out, you would see a mall. Enter the mall, try to find MCD that situated near by the entrance (one floor up) and outside there you would see an open space street with a lot of branded boutiques! 
A lot of branded items are damn cheap! It's like Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) but much cheaper!
I bought a Polo T for my brother which is only 40 Euro, original price was 150 Euro, in Malaysia is about RM 300 and above. 
The  Michael Kors purse is only 79-99 Euro! That's why I grabbed one! hahaha. The MK bags price are starting from 139 Euro and above. Even if you go there, check out the Guess purse, which only 35-39 Euro. A lot of branded items are in crazy deal! hahaha. Even Longchamp there is much cheaper! But remember, all these are last season ones. 

Bag from HNM. Fall in love with this cute studded bag .The price at HnM over there does not much different compared to Malaysia,same price, but some items are not available here. I bought this bag for 12 Euro. 

Just some sovournir for myself. I went to Carcassone, near to Toulouse , what a wonderful place to visit...Oh ya, I got the Chanel keychain from my friend, Rifga. She bought perfume for her dad and got this for free. Thank you Rifga. 
Oh ya, if you shop in Europe, you can claim the tax in one single receipt of purchase 175 Euro. Besides that, most of the shops are generous enough to give you samples and free gifts! I do love free gifts! <3

If you go to France, remember to check out their pharmacies, there's a lot of awesome things to try out! their skin cares are awesome, less chemical, works good on most of skin types including sensitive skins. 
I would like to buy Avene over there since the products there are damn cheap! But with limited of money, I decided to skip it and just buy in Malaysia since Avene is available in Malaysia but not to Bioderma, La Roche Posay and other skincare brands in France. :)
Recently I watched a video on the skincare brands in France. I feel a bit regret for only buying the only one single La Roche Posay overthere. The price range for this brand is quite expensive from 8 Euro and above. But, what I know, they are worth to try and use. :) 

Here is a video that  I've watched after the trip (WHAT THE?) hahaha. So, you guys need to watch this before going to Paris ok?
Take Care~ Love ya.

Thank you for reading my haul!


  1. Nars TAOS pilihan tepat, dear. warnanya cantik sangat. best kan bau Pink Chiffon dan Viva La Juicy La Fleur tu. tak rugi beli. saya ada tengok instagram.. wiida borong Bioderma! haha.. mesti murah di sana kan? teringin nak cuba tapi seller jual agak pricey la. hewhew.. Guess 35 Euro? patut la ada seller jual handbag branded murah. hehe..:D

  2. seriously lovin' it..
    pretty stuff you have :)

  3. OMG what an amazing haul!! Can't wait to hear how you like everything

  4. Oh my...so much good stuff you bought from Paris...
    Thanks for the tips on where did you bought your beauty haul too.
    If I go to Paris one day, I'll know where to look for cheap buys...

  5. all the beauty stuff are awesome..:)

    *kita jumpa td di watson azam raya..hehe

    1. Thank u :) heheh suka dapat jumpa! Nnt kita jumpa jumpa la slalu! :)

  6. Awesome stuff Wiida! Bestnya dpt pergi Paris. Nak sgt try bioderma makeup remover tu. tp mahal seller jual


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