Saturday 13 July 2013

My June Beauty Favourites!

Assalamualaikum semua~ and Hello!!

Selamat berpuasa to all muslim friends :)

I know it's quite late to post June favourites since now its already mid of July.. However, I really want to share with you guys my beauty favourites of the month since last month I did bought a lot of stuff and went kuu kuu on shopping. Seriously, I can't control myself  and I stopped shopping when I realised my "duit makan" left few bucks! hahaha. Luckily this month I could save up some of my pocket money due to fasting month.  I am now officially a "Shopaholic", Thank you!  (senyuman tak ikhlas)

Okay, okay, okay, lets talk about my favourite items!
Oh, for your information, it was not easy to choose 5 items from my last month's haul because I did use almost all the items I bought. But to make it simple, I just picked the items that I always bring together in my handbag.

1) Avene Spring Water
I always use this all the time especially after sweating, I will spray this all over my face & neck, then find an air-conditioner room for better cooling effect! Seriously, this helps a lot to freshen up my face and soothe my skin. I'm endorsing this so much lately. Even I use this for my current daily toner and as my moisturizer. Now I'm running out of it, need to buy one soon. 

2) Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset  Meadow Hand Therapy
As shown in the picture, I almost finish it and luckily I have back up of it. I got this from Bag Of Love 2013 May edition. The smell is really good and this brand hand cream is extremely good as its ability to soften our rough uneven skin and at the same time keep moisture out hands. But I'm not going to lie, it's quite pricey.  

3) MAC in Sounds Like Noise
I know we cannot find this lipstick in Malaysia some more it was limited edition of Hayley William collection in April 2013. The orange colour complement my skin tone very well. The formula doesn't glides smoothly on lips (because it is in matte formula) and it's a bit dry but the colour is really alluring and I'm obsessed with it. 

4) NARS Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in Barrow Street (Mint green)
This mint eyeliner is really pretty especially when we apply it on lower waterline.  
Barrow Street had good color payoff in a single stroke (when I apply it on lower lashes line /water line) and it was build-able to more opaque color on the lash line(due to creamy texture). The eyeliner doesn't smudge on my under eyes area even when I am sweating. The longevity for this eyeliner to stay on my waterline is quite impressive (this is because I have oily eyelids and most of eyeliners doesn't stay longer than 3 hours, most likely smudge horribly under my eyes). So far, I really like this for my lower waterline eyeliner.
Normally, I will apply lighter colour eyeliner( white, silver, nude, light pink, pink, teal and other fun colours to be apply on my lower waterline/lashes line) 
My Preferable eyeliners to apply on under waterline/ lower lashes are: Funky silkygirl eyeliner, Sephora 12h eyeliner and this Nars Street Barrow. I haven't tried applying the Nars Via Vaneto (Black) on my under lower lashes /waterline. Will let you know the result. 

5) Real Techniques Core Collection set (Buffing brush)
This brush is the star of the kit. I am in love with this brush as it is extremely soft and dense. This brush helps me to apply liquid foundation evenly on my face and buff perfectly to cover my imperfections especially when ever I am in rush!Really recommend you to buy this kit for your starter kit.

That's all for my June beauty favourites.
I will be more productive in this week since I have submitted my assignments plus this week going to be my study break (hahah, always procrastinating).

See you soon!

Mwah Mwah;

p/s: I left my phone in my friend's car :( Kinda sad cause I couldn't update my instagram...Huaaa
Now I just realised that I can't live without camera and all kind social medias. :(
Okay, time to play with makeup!! but can't selfie :( 
Selamat berpuasa to all muslim friends!


  1. I love Avene Spring Water! rasa fresh sangat bila spray. Real Teachniques brush salah satu wishlist saya. harap dapat miliki nanti. nice post, wiida.:)

  2. hello Wiida comel..Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy great..suka sgt2..:)

    1. Hello~ heheh, kan?! best gile!!!!! :)

  3. Avene Thermal water is my most fav face mist too! :) Selamat Berpuasa Wiida

  4. wiida syggg..
    avenue thermal warter spray tu macam best je!!
    nak try la nnti
    wink wink ^_^

  5. I love that Avene Thermal Spring Water and the Crabtree&Evelyn Somerset Meadow lotion too ^_^ dua2 best pakai kan, very refreshing for our face and really moisten our hands!


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