Sunday, 13 April 2014

Guardian Makeover event -HAUL edition!

Guardian Shopping Haul!
Where should I start?....


As you all know, once I step into Guardian, I must buy something especially when there's a lot of promotion going on . Hello, who can't tolerate with a bunch of beauty great deals?! Oh boy! absolutely not for me!

I walked around the event area and see what are the promotions going on and guest what?!

There are few booths caught my attention on beauty products which are

"makeup (Maybelline) , Makeup remover (Biore cleansing wipes) and Hair products ( Liese and Ma Cherie)."

At first, I never heard of Ma Cherie before. I 'm sorry, I know I'm kinda lame because I'm not always buy hair stuffs but while I was queuing at the counter to pay, this girl (pic below) approached me to to try their products. Haha, The best part is, she's very friendly and good in convincing! Finally I bought a couple of their stuffs! This brand is under Shiseido and suprisingly, I really love their products. I will do a full review on them soon! Already captured the products' photo to review. 

picture is taken from Sabrina Tajudin's blog .

So, the total damaged was....around RM 100++ ..

Ma Cherie hair products
Serum and the shampoo. Both are in my current favorite list. Now you can roughly know what items I would include in my April favorites. :)

Stock up my Biore Makeup Remover Wipes (Refill pack) . It's only RM 20.xx.
Maybelline Lip Polish, the item was in sale for RM 14.88 ( GLAM 6, a berry plum color)

Close up picture for the Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 6.

Finally, A hair styling product which is a mist spray. Spray it before blow to get a perfect curve -in blow hair style (like in the picture attached). The product is only RM 15.xx after discounted .

Basically, I saved almost 50% for all items even some of the items only offer 10 to 60% off, yet, the total of the items are still in saving safe line. hehe.

Read here if you want to know how the event goes and the contest going on right now! They are still searching for the  WINNERS!

Thank you for reading!

Muah! XOXO!

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  1. i love Ma Cherie shampoo!! Definitely among the best I ever tried, nanti i nak beli besar terus sbb yg ada sekarang ni kecik je, hehe


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