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Harum Malam Supplement (Malaysia,local product)

Hello ladies!

Today I am going to review on a local beauty supplement product which is "Harum Malam" Supplement. I know there is tonne of supplements selling in Malaysia but have you ever think how did you choose the product? Based on testimonial? based on the ambassador ? or are you a person that looking for the benefits? Or maybe you are really particular on the stated ingredients of the supplement? What kind of person are you?

At first I thought young girls would not need any supplement. Oh man! Wait! Am I still young? I'm not teenager anymore, I am 23! A lady , a young woman who just kick off her career and life. So this is where life begins...

Typical people would say : "oh, you are still young, you can eat whatever you want, you are healthy , you have no disease so you can eat whatever you want!!! you are still young." and keep repeating the same thing. Oh dear!
I bet you have heard of this phrase. Am I right?

At this age, many people does not care about their health. Actually this is where we should start taking care of our diet and body.

Eat healthy food, consume more vitamins, do exercise frequently !

I have seen many blogger have reviewed this and said many positive testimonials for this supplement.

Harum Malam

I should share my story with this supplement.

At beginning, when I heard of Harum Malam, I'm thinking of a movie. hahaha.
Okay,  I know I am kinda lame, but I just thought that people are talking about a MOVIE!

When my blogger friend says Harum Malam is a supplement drink, then only I know that It's actually a product! You can see how slow I am in interpreting the data. Oh boy!

After that....
I straightly Google-d this product and try to see what it is actually about because I would not simply review product that is not safe to be eaten and after read few testimonials and reviews then only I have the confidence to consume it. :)

Don't judge me! I want to stay alive too!  I need to know the ingredients I am taking because what I know my body need vitamins not an immediate effect to look prettier or fairer or more flawless. I don't really look into that side of benefits because I know when you are taking a good supplement drink with high vitamin ingredients, automatically your skin going to look healthier, glower and you would be physically active! energetic!

p/s: It's halal and contains safe legal ingredients :)

Harum Malam

This supplement contains special ingredients to solve the problem of body odor and female intimacy. 

Harum Malam is formulated with extracts of roses which effectively deal with body odor. Drink 2 times daily,  1 tablespoon every morning before breakfast and 1 tablespoon before bed, it would reduces body odor and good for woman's intimate organ. 

Highlighted benefits (especially for non-married lady)
  1. Relieve the body temperature (melegakan panas badan)
  2. Reducing body and mouth odor ( membantu menghilangkan bau badan & mulut)
  3. Giving radiant look  ( mencantikkan dan menaikkan seri wajah)
  4. Salutary the uterus (menyihatkan rahim )-have u ever heard of rahim jatuh? it happens even on non-married woman. 
  5. Makes you body figure to look sexier and shaped ;) 
  6. Helps to reduce fine lines on face
  7. Makes you feel healthier and more active! 

Special Ingredients:

Rose extract, buah tin, raisins, honey, goji, limau purut, kayu serapat, pomegranate, manjakani, Pueraria Lobata, Pueraria Mirifica, Strawberry and senna
(I'm sorry, some of the ingredients I don't know the english name for it because most of the ingredients are traditional-based ingredients)

Taste like syrup rose.

Price:   RM33 sahaja bagi semenanjung dan RM39 bagi Sabah & Sarawak.
Current promo: Buy 3 for RM 100 (stock for a month).-free postage. (updated: 4th April 2014)

*Prices shown may be subject to change.

Official Website :

Thank you. 

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  1. Teringin nak cuba sejak packaging lama tu tapi asyik tangguh je. Hehe. Sekarang ni packaging baru dah. Nampak ok berbanding yang lama. :)

    1. aah, sebab merah sexy gitu! hehehe. rasanye macam minum sirap merah je. so xde la rasa mcm supplement sangat. more into mcm hirup gula2 je. hahaha.

  2. Anything that makes me feel healthier and more active sounds good to me!

    Tanesha x

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