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Sephora Pearl Mask Review

Sephora Pearl Mask, available in Sephora Malaysia store-wide, priced at RM 10 per piece, can be used once and the mask has other flavors range besides Pearl.
This is my first time using this mask and also known as my first impression to this mask. so far I faced positive experience with this mask. 

I picked up Pearl because of the function attracts my attention by claiming "Whitening and Brightening"
Fuhh.. Who can resist this magical offer? If a fairy godmother offers me to get radiant, fairer and flawless skin, I would say YES without any second thoughts.

Okay, lets jump into the review!

All these statements are based on my opinions. Some people would think the same, some people aren't. Therefore, just read and accept my opinions. :) , or else, you may proceed and find other reviews that might have same opinions with you. (Sometimes we need to accept other people's opinions, don't argue! different people have different opinions) 

The mask Sheet Review
One thing that I have noticed is,  the mask sheet was hard to unfold. Meaning, some of other masks have another plastic layer so that you would not have face any difficulty to unfold the mask. However with this mask sheet, you need to open it and unfold it slowly.
The sheet is made from cotton material and the material itself is not too thick and not too thin, just in moderate thickness. It is fine to me as long it fits me. The sheet has extra length or cover on the chin so that we can pull it off and cover our lower chin ( also known as double chin). I have wide forehead but the sheet doesn't fully cover my forehead, that is what I don't like about it. This mask would not fits on man's face.
The Essence Review
Some people would have allergic to the essence, but not to me. I have no problem with this Pearl Mask. The essence is not too thick and has a scent that I do not really like it (I don't know how to explain the scent), however, after using the mask, I found out that my face feel fresher ,moisturized, smoother and firm. That is what I  have noticed a day after using it which is "today". For brightening and whitening effect, I believe that I need to use it for few times before get the "brightening" result. Nevertheless, I don't mind to re-purchase this Pearl mask or try the other ingredients because it wasn't a bad mask either. 

Rate: 3/5
Reason: There's no impressive effect after using the mask, the price is quite expensive for a sheet of mask. I was expecting a better performance/magical result from this mask.  

Thank you for Reading!

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  1. If the mask unfolds so complicated I guess I will go in panic + annoyed mode hahaha

    Bloobs Blurbs II

    1. ya ya, Im afraid if I tearing it off. haha.

  2. awww too bad the essence is not good....mmm think i wont try this!!

    1. Ya, the scent is not too good, I don't find any pleasant scent with this mask neither a positive effect after using it. p/s: so far I prefer T* mask. same price but we can see and feel the difference after one time application.

  3. I tried the avocado, it's not bad but yeah like you said not an impressive effect. Drugstore masks still the best

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