Wednesday, 2 April 2014

MAC, NYX , Jordana & Maybelline Haul

Girls and shopping can't be separated. As always people say, girls love to shop and I can't deny that, I am shopaholic and this haul going to conclude all the makeup items purchased in this month.. the items that I never mentioned in this blog. . Recently I have rewarded myself two eyeshadows from MAC , one lipstick from NYX, 2 lip pencils from NYX , one Jordana lipstick, one Wet n Wild lipstick and last but not least a Maybelline lipstick.


When it comes MAC, I'm in eyeshadow mood, collecting MAC eyeshadow slowly one by one because I know it is very expensive and I can't buy everything at once. Therefore, I tried my best to buy it only when I got my payment (part time job salary) then only spend the money on it as a symbol REWARDING myself. Ahaks! haha It's only part time job anyway! hahaha.

The colors that I chose are: Nylon and Mulch.
Mulch is a medium brown purple undertoned color that can be use all over the lids/ at the crease/ on the V-shape of the eyes. Just use it using your own creativity. Don't limit yourself. Think outside of the box, play with the color, explore the trend. Create your own signature makeup style, design the trend, be creative, be confident, be yourself! :)

Nylon, a beautiful bright highlight color with yellow undertoned. Love the color for the inner corner and certain highlighted places. Still experimenting this color to play around on the eyes. <3


I was aiming to get their lip pencils because it is cheap and reasonable. The colors that I picked are orange and rose because I want to match them with my MAC lipstick. Just want to make my lips look sexier. That's it! *give some reasons to spend money on makeup. hahaha.

NYX Matte lipstick in Strawberry Daquiri, It is a new color and when I seen it on other's lips, I fell in love with the color and accidentally bought it. "TER"beli la. really!! I "Ter"beli. :P Ya Allah Tamak nye aku! Borosnye aku!


This lipstick is an excessive shopping from
I don't want to state any reason here to avoid me look stupid-ier! haha. okay, I know Stupid-ier is not exist but helloo~ it's my blog, my writing, I can say whatever I want even it would makes me look like an idiot. ha ha! (pleasedontslapme)


It has been in my list for a year, Pinkerbell. A unique beautiful pink color from Wet n Wild and it always sold out! People keep saying it as a dupe for MAC Viva Glam Nicki 1,you know MAC lipstick is very expensive and it is limited edition color, no more Viva Glam Nicki 1.
p/s: you want to know something? I have found one shade that looks almost similar with Pinkerbell. I will reveal the name soon.It will be available in store soon! very soon! Just keep reading my blog la if you want to know more.
*My Manglish already voiced out!


Last Sunday (30th March 2014),  Watsons threw out a sale and all Maybelline sensational lipstick range was on sale, the price has marked down very low! I was about picking up more Matte range lipstick BUT MAT7 seduce me aggressively. Wooo! I hope you don't misinterpret my words. :P My sweet kak Nurul gives me this lipstick as a sweet memory gift eva! Thanks! *terharu! Want to know who is Kak Nurul? haha. it is a secret! :P

Fuh, that's all my total damage for this month of March. Wait for  damage stories in April! haha.  :)

Thank you peeps!

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Hai Wiida.. Wiida beli mac eyeshadow yang pan tu berapa ya? sbb dah jatuh cinta dekat mac ni.

    1. Hi Khalida! Eyeshadow refill pan tu RM 49 per pan. collect la pelan2. best sangat2 MAC eyeshadows. ^^

    2. oh RM 49..dah naik harga eh..dulu x silap lah dalam RM40 camtu..xpe lah harga dia still affordable lagi..tq wiida..

    3. Tu la, but currency pun dah lain, plus shipping semua. Pikir balik MAC Malaysia price isn't bad kalau nk compare ngn London and Singapore. hehehe. my opinion la.

  2. nice blog
    you are funny with the caption Maybelline rocket me 2 NY
    but that's so fun...I think as ambassador Maybelline will rocket you to somewhere else this year
    hahaha i'm just blogwalking to knw a new met friend

    1. haha. thank you for visiting my blog sayang! haha. ya ya ya. it's actually a contest name and I won the contest last year. Maybelline already rocket me to New York in last month.. wait! not last month, it was last two months in Feb.
      Emily!!!!!!!!! See you on this Saturday! we can chit chat more! talk , talk and talk until our saliva finish and cannot talk anymore :P hehehe. ok my hyper mode is on. SEE YOU!!

  3. Nice haul! Suka tengok! Tak sabar nak tengok April haul pula. Hihi. ;)

  4. Very lovely blog! But may I ask which one is better between the Jordana Matte lipstick and the Wet n Wild one since they are both matte and about the same price.


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