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Happy Tuesday! SMIZE!

I know today is April Fool, hope this post could lighten and brighten up your day even if you been fooled by your friends. Hey , believe it or not Luxola also do a fool promotion. haha.  My friend send it to me. It spices up my day. What  A joke! Luckily my humor skill thinking is still functioning! haha. Okay, lets get started with my beauty favorite items of the month of February and March. Yaa.. I've missed out the last month's beauty favorite and now it is here! I decided to do both together so that you would get the idea  / the wrap up of my two-month beauty favorite items. Lets begin. 

Starting from the face, I've loving 2 items in my makeup routine products which are KAT VON D Lock-it tattoo foundation and BIORE UV Aqua Rich BB Cream.

KAT VON D- it has full coverage with matte finish and since I just bought it in Feb, there's no reason for me to stop using this foundation. The texture is light with full coverage without blocking my skin's pores breathing system ( I hope I explain this well even me, myself doesn't understand it in biological way) hahaha. 

BIORE UV Aqua Rich BB cream- A high SPF sunscreen cream with light texture on face makes my skin feels happy when wearing it. Somehow I feel my skin is protected when I applied this cream. ( human logic thinking, when you apply sunscreen, your skin feel protected from the harmful UV rays and you feel safer with it ) *you can thank me by leaving a comment down below for the great human logic thinking explanation  phrase ^_^.

TARTE blusher in Blissful. The color is born for me....it suits me perfectly.... and .....for some reason, I feel I look... sooooo cute with this color. (please read it in a dramatic feeling)  
NOPE! sorry, wrong info!  actually because it lasts longer, it gives extra glow and dewy finish on me and I just enjoyed it because I have invested my money there and I need to use it! (high end makeup, it is RM 120 in Sephora, but I got it RM 70+ from PersonalShopper Facebook during the sale) . ^_^

Maybelline Color tattoos in pink and gold. I have been using this cream shadows everyday for my color base and it's really hypnotize people's attention~ Fuhh! I'm not trying to be a drama queen but it is the truth. It makes my eyeshadow color stays all day long including grabbing the eyeliner with no-smudge effect. Sounds great for a jar of RM 19.90? Yes it is! 

Lashionista, there's no lies here. you may try it yourself! It does lengthening my lashes well ( works like extension la) and easy to remove. I would do a review soon on this product. 

My own customized MAC eyeshadow palette with my chosen personality colors.Currently , I'm addicted to Mac eyeshadows. All the chosen colors are reflecting myself. That's why I'm in love with this palette.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette
Oh dear, it's like a magic! The best Adobe Photoshop tool in the real world. I must say this is a must for everyone. I loved this for brightening my under eye area, for covering my blemishes, scars, family of pimples and others. It really helps me to fake up my face. I'm serious! 

Since I have too many lipsticks I would pick up the top 3 or shall say the ones in my daily makeup bag. you know, I always bring my makeup bag for touch up and everyday I would bring different colors depending on my mood and makeup look.

1) Maybelline Color Whisper
I know it is not available in Malaysia, but what to do, I just found my bff! haha. She's gorgeous, always be beside with me when I need her especially when my lips are chapped. She helps me to moisturise my lips with a gentle touch of color. The most important is, the color is my signature color, ORANGE .. hehehe. 
Thank you Maybelline color whisper. MUAH!
I would recommend you to try this lipstick line if you have a chance to buy it at oversea. A worth item to have in your collection.

2) Maybelline Pink Alert
It is not fair to include this in my favorite because it is not up on the shelves yet. *Mouth zip up. 

3) L'oreal Shine Causse in Venus Color
It's my natural day pink color that I normally applied before going out because I know it is a lipgloss stain product and it would last longer on the lips by leaving color stain on the lips. Throughout the day, I would touch it up with Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick or Pink Alert . :) 
This is a gift from my friend, Shaza. Thanks babe! 

Thank you. 

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  1. ok im sold. really need to get the pro concealer mac palette. pronto!

    1. yup! seriously! best pakai under eye area, serious, kemas habis makeup. :)

  2. as a person yang selalu fail bab concealer, you make me wanna buy that MAC palette

    1. yup betul2 cause normally if we buy concealor we wont pakai cause some concealor really cant cover any blemishes or undereye circle , and the worst part is , cakey and makes our eye lines visible. but mac concealor ni best. tak de pun nmpk line. A good concealor palette.

  3. Question: Do you use all of the shades in that concealer palette? :o


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