Sunday, 30 March 2014

My New Vanity Setup / Makeup that I'm using

Happy Sunday Folks!

Hey pretty ladies, today I'm thinking of doing my new-habit or kinda my new-vanity setup post to share with you girls what is my current using products and my new makeup corner or precisely we call it vanity table? ahaks!

As you can see, I arranged most of my daily basis makeup items on this glass table.This table previously was my "study table", but now after I have done with my course I did not use this table for study anymore but intensely into makeup and browsing internet. :P HAHA! (guilty laugh, actually before this I use this table more often for online-basis, put my laptop on it, I never study in my room thou know the reason, bed always calling us) Pardon my weirdness, but what to do, I have too many makeup and some of them aren't fully utilized / used, therefore I decided to choose few products to be used in a month and rotating them to ensure that I use them all more frequent and never neglect my makeup collection. Yes, I need to do this, it is my new determination!

How does this system function? 
Okay, I  would select and choose few neglected or new-to-try items and keep them on this table. So every morning, I will sit on the chair and staring at the mirror, then start makeup! I would only use whatever stuff available on the table and ya, I need to use them with no excuse even if I don't like the product, I still need to use it until finish or dry or until I feel satisfied enough!

Without further due, lets jump into the selected makeup for the month of MARCH.

Lets dig in to the first section which is called a special place under the stand mirror. I'm about to write "standee-mirror" does this word really exists? Let me know if you know the "existing of the word" . 

For the first section, I keep my skin care or face base products / any related products that I want to use up.
Lets zoom up the products and read the details.

Nivea Sparkling White Day Care- I got this from Guardian event last year in 2013 (in media goodie bag) and only this month I got a cue to give more attention into my skincare routine.  I feel like pampering my face with organised steps facial care and by this my skin face makeup would last longer and also prettier la! - extra flawless and glows. 

Then, I am determined enough to finish my Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen in sample size(also known as face primer) for the face. Until today, the product has not finish! small tube but dozen of product in it! Olala!
I liked this sunscreen because :
  • It is cheap and affordable. 
  • Not greasy and light. 
  • It has SPF 50 which is great for our humid and hot weather!
  • and also.... it's BB cream, so I would only use this if I want to have free-makeup day. 

Next is MUA Matte Perfect Primer. It is almost similar to Benefit Porefessional and also Maybelline Baby skin. I wanting to use Maybelline Baby skin but need to use this up first. My impression with this item? Well, "okay lah!", it covers up my pores especially at the nose area and I like the silicon base texture, it makes me feel flawless. Okay, the main reason is I just want to finish this tube before proceed to Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.

Eye primers. I have too many eye primers and what I know I need to finish these two!
The ELF eyeprimer was my first eyeprimer in my makeup collection, that's the reason why I need to use it until it's empty before it get expired and gross. 
The Deluxe size of  Urban Decay Primer Potion is originally comes together  from Naked (1) palette and I just want to get rid of this small tube because I have another one in full-sized product. 

1) NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt- It has been neglected for months and now, I need to use this more often so that I wouldn't feel guilty for not using it .
2) Chestnut brown pigment- it is an eyeshadow pigment! Got this sample free from "ColourcosmeticsMalaysia"  and I just need to use this up and throw the container. Done! 

Second section is brushes containers. I stored all of my daily- basis brushes. Face and eye brushes. Please ignore the dirtiness of the brushes. I know they are horribly dirty but what to do, I took this photo before cleaning it. :P sorry la, dirty la. 

Third section is all about big bottles!
From Left: Bioderma, ZA Total hydration energy mist, Stage brush cleanser and Hada Labo Moisturiser.

Bioderma - to remove makeup or I normally use this when I want to get double cleansing ( OCD) sorry, sometimes I feel my skin isn't cleaned enough thus I would use this to remove any leftover dirts. 

Stage Brush Cleanser- For brush daily cleaning agent, as simple as that!

Hada Labo moisturiser milk , you know the function better than me. :P hahaha too  lazy to describe the function of a moisturiser. 

4th and 5th section is all about makeup! I just put everything into a big pink basket and also a long container. Lets see what I have in the 4th section basket. 

Current obsession is into MAC eyeshadows! wuhoo! seriously! that's why I feel like buying more eyeshadows and the colors that I want are not available in Malaysia. MAC Malaysia doesn't carry the color, so I admit, I need to buy it from The States. If you want to join my spree, just contact me ok?! Details are in my previous post. 

Targeted eyeshadows: Antiqued, Coppering

Blushers: I just depot all my Tarte Blushers into this Z Palette, easy for to choose the color plus by doing this method, I realised that I would use them fairly. The reason why I liked Tarte blusher packaging because it has magnetic base, so I no need to depot it in traditional way yet just poke a small hole behind and the pan comes out safely. Yes, we can put it back to the case when we want to bring it for travelling. 

One of the neglected Z palettes full of depot-ed  eyeshadows. I must admit that I liked some of the colors here but not all. MUA eyeshadows are the ones I loved the most.
MUA eyeshadows ( first row) and some in second row with plain color in the pan.

Base and foundations.
My ultimate aim is to finish this one bottle of MAC Prep+Prime Face Primer in this year! 

Revlon foundation only left few ml, for few times usage. Shu Uemura foundation is one of neglected foundations in my stash and I just need to use it until empty. I don't want to keep it anymore. 
Kat Von D Foundation, the newest foundation in my collection and now I'm kinda obsess with it especially when I want to have a very long-lasting makeup. 

In the basket, there's one special jar contains all of mascaras and pencil liners. Lets see what I have. 

Hahaha. This is too much! 
I have 3 opened mascaras and 3 pencil eyeliners! Damn! You're funny Wiida.
I don't normally open more than one mascara at once as I know their life span is quite short.... very short....only 3 months....err...but ya... this time I have 3 opened mascaras...
Want to know why?

At first I opened Maybelline Big Eye mascara. At first I really liked it because it has two ended brush however the mascara gives me more into natural-looking effect instead of dramatic effect. You know my taste, I have short lashes so I need something to enhance my invisible lashes. This mascara is designed for english people/ americans /  arabics ( those who have long lashes and big eyes) .

Second, I opened Benefit They're Real Mascara! haha. I know this mascara is damn expensive and I have no idea why I bought it. hahaha. I liked the effect it gives me, dramatic flirty looking eyes but the downside of the mascara is "removing it". By the time I want to remove it, I need to make sure the mascara is fully removed with makeup cleanser before going to shower because if not, I would get smudge-y panda eyes. Aish!

Therefore, I opened the third mascara which is Maybelline Lashionista! yeay! so far I liked it because it lengthening my lashes to look longer and sexier (ahaks!)  and easy to remove. No more panda eyes! 

Next is only miscellaneous things: baby wipes (if you are makeup hardcore, you must have this, to remove all stains and substances on your back of hands or sometimes we just have OCD problem on dirts. Oh, there's also an eye curler, would be use whenever I'm in good mood, if I'm lazy I'm gonna skip this because my lashes are curled naturally (ahaks, don't praise me, I know my lashes are sexy + sexier + sexiest in the world!) haha .  

Yeay!!! finally 5th section! fuhh.for some reasons I feel this is the longest post ever!  Sorry fingers you need to work harder in this month. April is my favorite month so you would expecting more exciting blogposts from me! yeay!!! 

Concealors, concealors! 

MAC concealors are the best. I'm loving the Mac concealor palette and also MAC pro long wear concealor for the under eye area whist the NYX concealor , the color matches my face skin so it's function is to cover my blemishes or scars or any weird objects live on face. hahah. I don't say fungi! only weird objects not fungi! hehe. 

Next, if you are searching for bronzer.. affordable one, I would recommend this product..........
Essence Bronzer (recommended!). you can get this at Watsons... Get the Matte one if you want to do contouring. For the shimmery version, it is great for contouring cheeks instead of face frame. The shimmery one, it gives sexy glowy effect onto the skin. so, it is depends on you what and how would you going to use it. 
MUA Shimmerkisses highlighter , ahaks, I would use it when I feel I want to look extra glowy and feel extra prettier (gedik and perasan!) . hahaha

MUA Blushers, I need to use them more frequent more and more and more and more frequent! Without a doubt, I liked this blusher, the pigmentation, the texture and everything including price. 

Eyebrow kit - I have 2 eyebrow kit shadow and this is one of them , Tony Moly eyebrow kit. I rarely use it so I need to put more effort to use it at least until the pan can be seen. 

1) Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in Tender Caramel - I just got this eyeshadow so need to play more often with this color.
2) Stila Trio in rose gold glow- With no reasonable reason, I bought this trio therefore I need to use it until finish! no excuse, I need to be punished for buying things without thinking. ;( 
3) Stila Kitten- my all time favorite highlighter! I just can't live without it!

Cool metallic base for shimmer eye look! Recently I have a habit of doing this "metallic eyelook" in daily basis. I would do a video on "MY everyday makeup Look for MARCH 2014. Keep your eyes on it! :) 

Bobbi Brown Gel liner- an item that couldn't store more longer than a year, so ya, need to fully utilized it. it's drying up pretty fast. 

Revlon Colorstay compact powder, a thing that I need to use it up! See, I had hit the pan! (hahahahaha,  proud laugh)

Ya, that's it my overall of new vanity setup. how about yours?! I would like to see yours too! I need inspiration and ideas to organize my table. Basically I want to rearrange everything on the table and looks more into girlish- princess-y design. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and liked everything " crap" written here. Hope yes, drop me comments! spam me! I would spam yours too! hahaha! crazy minded girl. 
Hope you guys have a great Sunday! 
Bye-Bye! I'm going off to Hot Air Balloons fiesta. Muah Muah

Thank you. 

Wiida Ribbon


  1. love the way you arrange all your makeup !
    do more post like this , i love to read more =)

  2. pandai wiida letak makeup semua depan mata XD i mean, it can be a mood booster as well seeing at things we love, while going online, hehe! and may also serve as a reminder, ''jangan pokai beli benda lain lagi sampai yang ini habis'' :p

  3. Love it! Simple and neat!

  4. i pun ada essence bronzer n mua shimmer broner/highlighter...i love MUA ones..but essence bronzer color dont suit my skin tone!

    1. Oh really?! ya MUA highlighter is nice kan? NEXT time mamasan need to organise one day makeup session for us to conteng muka . :) hehehe Let me makeup you!!!!!!!!!! (itchy hands, want to play with makeup)

  5. Interesting post ! You do have a lot of make up products !! hahaha.. Btw how much is the MAC eyeshadow palette ?

    1. I bought it from NY, but I think in Malaysia counter it is RM 60+, I'm not too sure. hehehe. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS PALETTE! then we can share our MAC eyeshadow collection! hehehe.

  6. I love the MAC Pro long wear concealer :) a must have sebab best sgt!

    1. AAH! best best best!!! a must have item from MAC! nak makeup orang pun senang.

  7. Nice post!! Cz I need inspiration to clear, clean and pack my makeup stash too :/

  8. I love your setup! The essence bronzer looks nice..! I use their matt compact powder before and it's really good!

  9. Love your makeup collection. I only have like the basic makeup stuff because just started experimenting with makeup =.= dont really know how to contour and stuff like that. Love your blog :)

  10. Widaa i also have that stilla kitten and been wondering on sampai bilaa lah nak habis :D


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