Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2014 wishlist. List-to-buy / to-reward-myself

After staying in room for more than 24 hours, I just realised that I have too many makeup which is overloaded and not an ideal quantity for me. Therefore, I feel like I need to put a limit for myself from buying makeup stuff. 
After the New York trip, I feel like I only can buy 10 high end products (which is mostly will spend on Birthday) and few of numbers for drugstore makeup.

My first product in my wishlist is to get this... 

I'm planning to get it from US through my friend (cause I still have a package with her ordered last year) . Thank you babe for the wonderful transit service. :P

2) Naked 3 Palette

At beginning I feel like this palette looks almost the same with the original Naked and Naked 2 palette, but after looking at the palette in real life, it looks awesome! Pretty rose shades and I'm pretty sure that I going to use this palette in daily basis.
p/s: the reason is I just feel like I need to complete the set.

3) MAC
1 X Limited edition lipstick
1 X Permanent Lipstick (shades in my mind: angel / All Fired up) 
2 X Refill pan eye shadows (shades in my mind: nylon / charcoal brown/ retrospeck/ Patina/Girlie/ jest/ phloof! / malt /coppering / mythology ) 

4) Save for one Christmas Limited Edition item. If only there's interesting product. 

That's all in my 10 wishlist items. Oh ya, I listed 7 because I've  used the other 3 quota last night which are MAC eye shadows in Star Violet & Woodwinked and Concealor palette in medium. I will do a MAC haul post soon with swatches. 

Thank you!

Wiida Ribbon

All photos are taken from google images. Thank you to the owners! 


  1. I want the Lorac pro palette, too! I'm so tempted to get it. You should do a post about it when you get it in the mail! And I have the Naked 3 patella and it's soo pretty. You need it. XD

    1. ya ya! Naked 3 looks so pretty and the colors are more into girlie pinkish colors. I'm saving to buy it on my birthday.

  2. I have the Lorac Pro Palette, and I'm still loving it, the best palette in my opinion. Oooh and I want the Naked 3 too! It's soooo beautiful T.T

    1. really?! haaa. feel like buying the palette so badly! huaaa..

  3. Nak UD Naked 2 dan Naked 3. Macam tak cun kalau tak lengkapkan koleksi UD Naked. Hihi. :D

    1. yup yup! kena kena complete the set! hahaha. akan pakai punye! hahaha :P


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