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Enchanteur body lotion and serum review

"ENCHANTEUR is a range of fine quality French-inspired fragrances and fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic and elegant female."

ENCHANTEUR is well known on their signature scented product, body lotion. Most of Malaysians are not really care on body needs as they thought Malaysia weather is hot therefore they feel lotion is unnecessary for the body. Actually they are wrong. Body lotions are needed to moisturise our dehydrate skin and our body skin needs some protections and vitamins too. Sometimes, when we are in air-conditioner room, our skin would dries too due to dry air. Therefore, our body skin need to give some attention at least once a day. I know everyone is busy chasing career, works and life responsibility but why not we adopt 10 seconds habit of putting body lotion onto our body before going  to work or maybe before going to bed. Protect is better than cure. 

ENCHANTEUR has few lines product under it; ENCHANTEUR, ENCHANTEUR Paris and ENCHANTEUR Love. I will be reviewing ENCHANTEUR Paris products which are the 3 body lotions and a body serum. 

Triple Whitening Body Lotion.
It contains Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate and Vitamin B3 that work perfectly to whiten and even out the imperfection skin tone. Function of Vitamin B3 is to stop the aggregation of melanin in order to prevent pigmentation. If you do not know what pigmentation is, it is actually small dots of black marks on the skin and make the skin looks uneven due to age factor. How about Sakura Concentrate? Haven't heard about it? It works against tyrosine activity (production of melanin) to even out skin tone. Whilst Licorice Concentrate functions to prevent dark pigmentation formation due to UV rays exposure. 

It has nice soft sweet scent with a little bit of feminine touch. Personally I like the scent, Belle Amour (Beautiful love) that sparks moments of attraction. The scent is a combination of Parisian Rose Petals with Apple Melon and Blackcurrants for a delightful fragrance.

Running liquid in moderate consistency, not too thick not too watery, just adequate for daily usage of body lotion, especially the usage during day time. (Triple Whitening | Light & Fresh | Firm & Repair) 

Light & Fresh body lotion
Among all of these three body lotions, I must say this is my most favorite scent and day time body lotion. Three main things in this lotion are Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrate to moisturise the skin as well as Licorice Concentrate to even out the skin tone and   whitening. Well, I need UV protection for my outdoor day routine since I am a person that always hangs out and most of the time exposed to the sunlight. 

The scent for this body lotion is Mon Amie (My friend). It is a combination of Lemon Orange and Bergamot with Pink Peonies, Roses and Magnolias for a refreshing fragrance. I really like this fragrance, not too heavy, just nice and refreshing.

Running liquid in moderate consistency, not too thick not too watery. Just nice for daily basis body lotion especially for day time use. (Triple Whitening | Light & Fresh | Firm & Repair) 

This "Firm & Repair" has special ingredients of Micro Collagen and Swiss Edelweiss that help to improve skin elasticity and repair damaged skin. Highly recommended to use it during night time. Honestly, this body lotion smells incredibly calm and gives relaxing feeling to it. However, the consistency / texture is more into "day time" body lotion. I was hoping this lotion would be thicker and extra hydrates than other two, yet it is still the same. It could be use for relaxing body lotion or normally I would use it during "stay up" time so that the scent of this body lotion could relieve your tense and at the same time keeping you awake. That is what I normally do when I want to blog at night. Nevertheless, the body lotion successfully grabbed my attention

Fragrance: Name of the scent is "adore" (Love) with combination of Wild Jasmine, Pink Mimosa and Violet for a charming fragrance

Formulation: Running liquid in moderate consistency, not too thick not too watery, just adequate for daily usage of body lotion, especially the usage during day time. (Triple Whitening | Light & Fresh | Firm & Repair)

All-in-one Whitening body serum
Main key highlight for this serum is to protect us from harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 24++. These two rays could cause darkening and premature ageing on the skin. Furthermore, it  contains Licorice Concentrate for whitening purposed and even out the skin tone together with Hyaluronic Hydration to moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic Hydration is an ingredient that gives maximum hydration into the skin and  this serum formulated to keep the skin hydrated up to 24 hours. Without scientific explanation, let me summarize what is actually Hyaluronic Hydration or Hyaluronic Acid? It is sort of water agent for your skin. Don't ever freak out with the word of "acid" cause it is one of natural agents in our body. So basically, hyaluronic hydration that contained in this serum is to help to boost up your hydration level. Our skin need water and hyaluronic acid is water agent. As easy as that, bam! Drink up!

(Pls explain more on hyaluronic hydration)

Fragrance: The smell is sweet, has light floral scent. I like the scent, it is not too strong just suits with modern woman nowadays. 

Formulation: It absorbs very well and fast. The consistency is thicker than the other three body lotions.  

Packaging wise; from my view, I'm happy with the packaging; ENCHANTEUR Paris , still maintaining the signature design of ENCHANTEUR however they put modern touch to it.. As we all know, ENCHANTEUR has exists long years ago! Therefore, the signature of the bottle design shouldn't be forgotten though it is quite "old fashion". 

Great! The bottle has secure locked cap to avoid from Leaking and it is travel-friendly packaging.


The body lotion and serum are fast-absorbing products and I must say they are great for day time use as it just need a minute to absorb into the skin without feeling greasy and oily. I feel so comfortable to start off my day with this lotion. Smell great with non-oily formulas. 


This body lotion does it's job by moisturising the body skin without giving sticky feeling to it and fully absorbs to the skin especially the serum gives extra hydration to the skin up to 24 hours.   The scent or perfume could lasts up to 6 hours even after hand-wash.   

Liquid Texture
I found out that the "All-in-one whitening serum" has thicker concentration than the other 3 body lotions. Nevertheless I like all of these four items as I did not feel sticky or oily after using this product. 

Friendly advice
To those who may have sensitive skin, you may need to try the sample at the rack. I have no issue with this body lotion but I don't know your skin type, maybe you need special dermatologist. Luckily they provide samples at the rack- hypermarkets, Watsons, Guardians & other departmental stores. 

I must say this range of body lotions and serum are my favorites as I adore the scents as well as the fast-absorbing formula without feeling greasy. Not only that, the benefits and ingredients make me feel like using it daily as it could whiten up my dark skin areas and also protect my skin from harmful UV rays. 


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