Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What is LINE shopping?

When I heard of LINE shopping, I was like.. OH REALLY?! LINE messager do a shopping application for the users? Wow! That is a good idea since some of us are kind of addicted to shopping and trying to get awesome deals every day, why not you check this app out? Seriously, I have joined it and cannot wait for the next deal! AND Now I am kind of addicted to it.
Who doesn't like shopping? Are you kidding me? Hands in the air please! Everyone likes shopping especially when there 's SALE, PROMOTION and GREAT DEALS going on!
If you are not familiar with LINE shopping, better you start downloading this application!

What is LINE Shopping?

LINE Shopping provides RM 10 rock-bottom deals exclusively for LINE users who subscribe to the Official Account. There are various of promotions offered by LINE Shopping Partners, and the items consist of apparels, gadgets, accessories, beauty products and many more!

How to get into the application?

1) First of course you need to download LINE APPLICATION

2) Browse through the "Official Accounts" list

3) Adding LINE SHOPPING into your friend list ,  key in ID: @lineshoppingmy

Or to get there easier and faster, just scan this QR code, it would direct you into the chat room.

Name Your Own Price

Most of the products offered in this campaign are amazingly exclusive and they are really valuable. Not everyone would get the item. Only one person with unique bid will get the item! Lucky star~


  • Well,  a lot of users tend to do mistakes by kicking-in RM or MYR or additional words such as "haha", "Wiida", "I want this", "this is mine", and whatsoever but Actually, you just need to kick in "numbers and decimal up to 2 digits only" without any spacing, letters or symbols.
            For instance:
           10.01  | 10.03  | 10.09  | 14.57 |11.92

  • Everyone is entitled one figure entry for each product campaign. More than 1 figure entry will be disqualified!


People keep asking this in LINE shopping chatroom however, they forget to read the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and they did stated how they choose the winner. 

"Winner to be decided based on LOWEST UNIQUE PRICE entered and shall be given the option to purchase the featured item. (Eg. if there are two entries at 10.00 and one entry at 10.01, then the person that entered 10.01 is the winner. LINE MALAYSIA will contact the winner and provide instructions on how to purchase after announcement".

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal

Previously it was known as 10 x 10 Super deal but now it's called RM 10 Rock Bottom Deal!! Woot Woot!

This campaign offers you the lowest price of an expensive item for only RM 10. This is not a scam! Please! This is REAL! YES! They offer this lowest crazy deal to the users so that everyone could get a chance to use expensive item! This is opens to all!
For example,  the previous deal was Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 which is retail for RM 999 but someone got it for only RM 10. Wow! super crazy deal!  Maybe next deal would be yours. So, just follow up and keep checking LINE Shopping all the time to prevent from missing out any great deal! I'm doing it too! because who doesn't want  to get thousands of ringgit item for only RM 10? DAMN CHEAP! 

So guys, let's do LINE SHOPPING!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post . 


  1. Menarik! Kalau ada iPhone 5s mesti best! :D

  2. Aah! but aritu Wiida try to bid for Kate handbag, kalah :( kalau menang mesti best dapat beli kate handbag murah! hahaha.


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