Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dramatic Royal Blue eye look

Makeup Tutorial with Dramatic Blue shadow.
Some people feel Blue eyeshadow is too bright and colorful to create glamorous and sophisticated look. Well, they are wrong. I'm using Blue, Bright purple fuschia color in this look with a touch of soft brown eyeshadow to cool down the color. 

How did I create this eye look?

  1. Apply Maybelline Color tattoo in Purple all over the lids including crease part. Blend it well and make sure the color turned sheer. We need base to hold and brighten the blue and purple fuchsia colors.  
  2. Apply Blue color  ( I used Stila in the garden palette with the color of "Freesia") on the lids. Please apply it only on the lids, not on the crease.
  3. Then, take purple fuchsia color and apply it at the outer corner V shape of the eyes and blend it with the blue color earlier.
  4. To make it looks more natural, use soft brown or any natural brown color at the socket of the eyes to make the blue and fuchsia colors blend together with warm touch. In this look I'm using "Buck"in Naked Palette. 
  5. Don't forget to highlight your brow bones using light ivory yellow eyeshadow/ any color of your favorite brow highlighter.

  6. Apply the same "purple fuchsia color" on the lower lashes specifically on the half outer line of the eye. 
  7. Take highlight shimmery eyeshadow color ( I used Stila in Kitten color) on tearduct and another half of lower lashes starting from inner corner of the eye and bring it outwards, blend with the '"purple fuchsia" color just now.

  8. Just apply normal wing cat-eye liner on the eyes and line a little bit on outer corner of lower lashes.

  9. I used Benefit They're Real Mascara

  10. I applied Revlon Super Lustrous Matte in Wine Not (deep vampire red)

    [Reviewed  : Stila In the Garden palette review]

P/s: Sorry for the lighting. I noticed that the lighting make the eyeshadow and eyebrow look inbalanced and one side looks is lighter than another one due to window lights. Plus, the color of purple fuchsia turns brown in this photo. hahaha. Adui, I don't why la. Maybe because of camouflage effect. hahaha. :P

Okay, Thank you for your attention. I know I'm not good in explaining but I tried my best to explain it and I hope you understand everything I wrote. See you later! To the new readers, followers, do drop off your blog link and please say hi so that I can notify you. :) PEACE!


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  2. Comel lah wiida. pakai apa pun comel. tapi for akak, akak lebih senang pakai brown-gold colour eye shadow. senang match kan? heehhe

    1. aah! great taste! neutral brown golden color memang nampak elegant and senang match ngn apa2 pun. ^^ <3

  3. wow..cantik sungguh..tergoda juga tgk background belakang tu..hehe

  4. I usually like to wear bold colours single haha. Personal preference. But this is nice too!

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