Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Thank you

Special post- I would like to thank  Yana and Iqa, the owners for 's blog for the gift. Last couple of weeks, they threw out a giveaway "a set of pink brushes" from I joined it but Unfortunately,  I am lucky enough to be the winner :(  but Yana and Iqa been so lovely & sweet ,  they sent me a cute pouch. I am thankful for the gift because at this moment I really need a pouch. I think they can read my mind. I use the pouch to keep my medicines and all miscellaneous things in my purse. Thank you so much for the pouch. Appreciate the gift and Love you babes! Love the name "Wiida" written on the pouch.
Thank you babes :) <3


  1. Wiida, wiida..
    yang maybelline silver cap tu apa?
    x pernah nampak kat Maybelline pun..

    1. Rasanye ada , maybelline nude line. :) yang ni dapat kat US, tapi rasanye sama je, cuma label lain sikit.


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