Thursday, 17 April 2014

Malaysia Clothes Buffet 2014

It would blowout your mind! The best event ever for the Malaysian girls! The Malaysia largest Clothes Buffet event is coming back to town for the second time! Last year it was a bombastic event with a super long queue and received unexpected warm response from the public and NOW it's coming back with better choice of clothes, hand-picked designs and over 50,000 fashionable pieces would be served in the buffet area!!

How does the "Buffet" system works?

1) You just need to purchase the bag for RM 60 . You can buy the ticket through online and save your spot.  (a new system applied to avoid a long queue) 
2) Pick the clothes within 15 minutes! (my advise: just grab whatever you can , don't be picky and fussy and use your backpacking skill to fold all the clothes. 
3) Try to stuff in all the clothes and zip up the bag. Everything "inside the zipped plastic bag" would be yours! 

Sounds easy? Bring along your girlfriends and join this challenge!
RECORD TO BREAK is 16 pieces. Do you think you can break the record?  

The FACT and Information (also known as woman to woman tips)

  • The size of the zip lock plastic bag is  9 x 14 inches 
  • Practice/ read more articles on how to roll the clothes into a mini tiny super duper small size roll clothes. You know what I mean? You need to google and find more tips to learn how to fold a top into an ant size! I know it sounds silly but I'm serious! This is not about shopping anymore, THIS IS A WAR! haha. Fashionistas war. Are you ready? 
  • Lastly, I wish you GOOD LUCK! You need it! 

SNEAK PEEK , some of the clothes that would be served on that day!

Not only that, after the buffet, there would be a crazy sale open for public including walk-in customers. Lai Lai Lai.
 Everything will be selling at RM 10 per piece! I repeat it again, only RM 10 per piece!

Where to buy the ticket?:
click the following link and it will brings you to the application page. Nowadays everything is high-tech, just with one click, you can purchase anything. .

Venue: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, at the SYOPZ mall. 
Date: 25 - 27 April 2014 
Time: 10am to 6pm (Malaysia Time)

Save your slot now! Bring your friends to join the excitement!

official hashtag : #malaysiaclothesbuffet

Join the fun and tag  #malaysiaclothesbuffet on your social media post. 


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