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Drugstore Diva Tag -Malaysia edition tagged by Nabila

I have been tagged by Nabila to do this Drugstore Diva tag. Please bear in your mind that, I have not tried all the makeup items selling  in our drugstores/ pharmacies however, all the items that I would be featured in this post  are my favorites and items that I've been using the most even they are cheap!

I will try to list all the items priced below RM 50 as I believe everyone is seeking for affordable alternative makeups that have high quality product. Anyway, I will state where to get each of the items for your reference. It makes your hunting shopping job easier.

The keyword for the products: Amazing quality, Affordable, Recommended.

Mascara, I don't think you need to splurge on high end mascara as I know the drugstore mascaras are good enough to compete with the high end quality. I would like to highly recommend you to get Maybelline mascaras either Lashionista or Rocket. Rocket mascara is my most favorite product in the entire mascara family regardless to any brands, I would defiantly picking up ROCKET! If you want to know the reason, you may read it here. 

I love another Japan brand mascara  that works almost similar to Rocket, anyhow, it is not washable and the price is more than RM 50. So, I decided to not include it in this post. However, if you're interested to know what product it is, you may contact me personally on twitter ^^

Where to get these mascaras? 
Watsons / Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Next is lips products. I have decided to pick 2 products from my entire collection which is over 50 lipsticks and they are NYX soft lipcream in Amsterdam and Maybelline lip polish in Glam 7.
NYX soft lipcream in Amsterdam is a perfect matte red yellow based lipstick to be worn by any skin tone. Plus, the texture is matte and blends well into the lips without drying it out. 
Next is maybelline lip Polish glam 7. It has balm, gloss finish with high pigmentation of color. The color of Glam 7 is very neutral , warm and suits with all skin tone! I feel comfortable while wearing it and keep using it in whole day without feeling embarrassed to touch up my makeup. It smooth-en my cracked lips plus giving me juicy sexy lips look. 

Where to get NYX Soft Lip Cream?
Sephora / Colourcosmeticsmalaysia / Online

Where to get Maybelline Lip Polish?
Watsons / Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Eyeliner is another must product for Asians. The function of eyeliner is to make eyes look bigger and been the center of attraction.I have three favorite drugstore eyeliners in my collection :) hehehe.

1) Maybelline Hypersharp eyeliner
This eyeliners stays on placed for whole day without smudge. However, if you are sweating, you might need to touch up at the outer corner part.

2) In2it Matte eyeliner
I love this eyeliner as it gives very black line plus it is matt finish. The price also is a win as it is only unde RM 20. However, to use this eyeliner, you need to master it first before applying it on because the ink is quite wet and need to wait few seconds before open your eyes, compared to Hypersharp, it dries up immediately after applied. 

3) Silkygirl funky eyeliner is great for inner corner and waterline part which helps to pop out and brighten up your eyes in order to give fresh look and bigger eyes.

Where to get all these products?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Foundation, not many drugstore foundation works the best for all complexion However, I found these two genius formula foundations for all skin-type. To get dewy finish, you consider to try Revlon Colorstay foundation whilst Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation gives you matte finish.

Price for Revlon colorstay is more less RM 50 and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is around RM 36.

Where to get the items?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Highlighter and bronzer. I don't many people would use these two items in their daily basis. If you do, I would like to recommend these two items, MUA Shimmer Kisses Bronzer and Essence Bronzing compact powder matt.

The MUA Shimmer Kisses Bronzer is great to be used as highlighter instead of bronzer since the color is quite light and perfect for highlight instead of contouring. However the Essence Bronzing powder is the best contouring powder in drugstore group at affordable price, less than RM 10. This product is worth to try and great for beginners too! 

Where to get the items?

MUA shimmer Kisses Bronzer :   |  online shops.

Essence Bronzing Powder: Watsons/ Guardian / Caring/ Pharmacies

Lipbalms, if you want a real medicated lipbalm, I would suggest Baby Lips Dr Rescue but you want light tinted color, go for Baby Lips color. However, if you want strong natural color, Lip Ice would be a perfect match for you.

Where to get the items?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Maybelline Color Tattoos if you are asking me for a great drugstore eyeshadow. Incredibly amazing!
p/s: the left jar is the new packaging.

Where to get the items?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Sunscreen? Biore wins the category. I don't know about others, but Biore carries great sunscreen products and I am one of their big fans! Read the review here
Price: under RM 30

Where to get the item?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

Silky white, one of my old favorite compact powders. It gives flawless skin effect and absorb shine on the face. It is also can be used as foundation and in case after  "solat" (pray)  and you didn't bring any foundation with you, you can touch up your face with this compact powder. Just wet the sponge and apply the powder onto the face. 

Where to get the item?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

There's not many blushers in drugstore market however, the best blusher I've found is from MUA. MUA blusher is so pretty and highly pigmented. Not only that, the texture is soooooo buttery and soft. There's also plenty of colors to choose from pinky- brown to pink until pink red shade. If you are searching for quality and affordable blusher, go for this! 

Where to get the item?

Last but not least, eyebrow product. There's limited choice for eyebrow products in Malaysia drugstore. Yet, I decided to put this Maybelline crayon brow into the tag because it has light pigmentation and good for beginners. It allows precise application as it in pencil form as well as the amount of product used. 

Where to get the item?
Watsons/ Guardian / Caring / Pharmacies

YAY! done with the tag! Oh MY GOD! my fingers are already cramped !!

ok, jump into the end. 

ops! thank you for reading!

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