Friday 9 May 2014

Win RM 3,000 daily with YEO'S!

Yeo's is one of my favorite beverage brands. I speak the truth, I don't lie .. I like Yeos so much mainly because of these three flavours "Soya Beans" , "Wintermelon" and " Cincau" . These three are my favorites and I always buy them at least once in a week.

So get back to the original point. Now, They're having contest of  80 days drink Yeo's to cash challenge! Only left 24 days to join this contest! HURRY UP! 

The cash prize of RM 3,000  is giving out daily! Everyday! In every single day!

You don't believe it? Just follow their "wechat" and they'll update the winners daily.

WECHAT Official ID: Yeosmalaysia 

Yeo's Facebook page:


1) Buy any   YEO'S  / JUSTEA  or SOYRICH range of beverage in any size as following;

Tetra Pak 250 ml (kotak kecil / small packaging)
Tentra Pak 1L  (kotak besar / big packaging)
PET Bottle 350ml (botol kecil / small bottle)
PET Bottle 500ml (botol medium / medium size bottle)
PET Bottle 1.5L  (botol besar / big bottle)

2) Follow their WECHAT official account. (ID:  YeosMalaysia)

3)  Then, you need to register your name and handphone number.

4) After that,  take photo of your drinks. (photo must shows the code and the opened or consumed Yeo's / Justea/ Soyrich product at the back. 

Example (you should show the inner cap code. In my picture below, I showed side numbers, not the code):

OR you may send a photo of your receipt. 

5)  Next, you can clarify you submission type.  
If you choose contest code, you need to enter the "inner cap code" (for bottle type)  / code that written on the top of the box (tetra pak/ minuman kotak) . You can watch a video by the end of this entry for clearer view. 

6) Final step is to answer an easy question based on a short ads video showed on the screen. 

7) Yeay! Clap clap! DONE! 
repeat the same steps daily to get higher chances to win the contest.Please keep the photo for verification purposes only for the winners. Winners will be announce daily. 

Watch this video to know more how to join the contest;

*Contest ends on 31st May 2014. 

p/s: I'm kinda of addicted and went "ku ku" to this contest. Seriously, everyday I  drink Yeo's and start capturing photos and join the contest. :P *Semangat! 

For more information, winner list, you may visit to their website;

Facebook page;

Wechat ID : @YeosMalaysia

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