Tuesday, 6 May 2014

U Cafe Wangsa Walk Malaysia

Salam and hello! This is my first time reviewing on restaurant , so please excuse my weirdo-ness (actually not reviewing, but more into sharing). Let me state a statement that I would not review the food but I will more focusing on the restaurant itself because I believe that people are searching for nice environment, food choices, under budget menu as well as a great place to spend time with family and friends.

U-Cafe is an ideal restaurant for food lovers. It has variety of food choices from local to the East Japan to western until italian taste. With the concept of "Malaysian's Favorites Restaurant" they cater high quality food at reasonable price , thus if you are searching a place to eat plenty of food, go , try and enjoy their food!

The restaurant has 2-level storey and located at the middle entrance in Wangsa Walk Shopping centre. It is a halal restaurant, with plenty of choices! Absolutely gonna be one of my favorite "lepaking" places if I'm  in that area.

GL-06 Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Avenue
No 9, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, Bandar Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Facebook Page U Cafe

Upstairs section was closed for us, just for our special private function and due to that, we had a chance to enjoy the view while eating. 

The location of the cafe is beside the entrance and located outside of the mall. So, we could enjoy the landscape view .Plus The concept of the restaurant design is more into calm, relaxing and open space concept. Eventhough there's glasses everywhere in the restaurant, yet they did install window blind ( object similar to curtains) to close and cover the glasses, from the sunlight especially when the weather is too hot or  known as "panas bahang"(heat). You know how Malaysia weather could be. 

Seriously, the event was a most wonderful event ever! We celebrated BLOGGER INNANIE's birthday on that day and sang couple of birthday songs to her. Actually not COUPLE but almost 10 times! haha. *Sepuluh kali kami nyanyi lagu birthday to Inannie, tengok betapa sayangnya kami kat dia! 

P/S: (Important Information)  I met with a lot of famous bloggers and believe it or not, this is MY FIRST TIME meeting them, I'm not saying all of them but MOST of them! They are super nice, friendly and not sombong (arrogant) at all okay ? eventhough they are popular enough to call "retis" and "legend", they are still welcoming me like a family.  Jangan jealous! hehe. Feel warm and comfortable to hang out and meet them. 

Let me introduce you some of the bloggers that I met on that day;

Umi-Qi,  Kak Eida,   Hazman FadzilShakido,  Innanie,  Nory, LadyAinaa,  Eizil,  Nadia,  JamarFauziIeza,  Alyz , Safura and Rawlin 

All food featured in this post are their SIGNATURE food, so put them into your " want-to-try list" . 

 Combo Platter    RM26.90
This set is my favorite set! seriously, you need to order this as side dish when you're with your family or bffs! 

p/s: Especially when you with your girls and busy gossiping, then you need something to munch.This is the perfect set!

Popcorn Chicken Green Salad      RM14.90

Spaghetti Aglio - Olio with Seafood     RM26.90

Classic Chicken Carbonara     RM18.90

I don't really like Italian food but this is my favorite. You know what I mean? I could finish this whole plate alone because of the taste. Highly recommended to those who have same problem and in same category species with me. Doesn't like pasta but wanna try to eat pasta. This going to be a good start for you. 

Salmon Fillet RM39.90

 Nasi Lemak RM13.90

The amount served would make you FULL for the rest of the day. 

 Nasi Bonjori RM13.90

Fried Rice In Japanese Style RM17.90

 Fried Rice In Japanese Style RM17.90 

Fried Rice In Japanese Style RM17.90

 Chef Pumpkin Rice with Chicken Chop RM17.90

  Fried Prawn with Salted Egg-yolk (Big) RM38.90
 Stir Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce (Big) RM20.90
This big portion can be eaten up to 4 person. I like the taste of this dish, it really reminds me of home-cooked dish. 

 Fried Prawn with Salted Egg-yolk & Season Vegetables in Yam basket Rice RM20.90

Penang Curry Laksa RM13.90

Pan Fried Kway Teow with Beef    RM10.90

Penang Char Kway Teow RM 10.90
Kway Teow is my favorite food and what can I say is, this meal is high recommended for kway teow lovers! Hello! see whose talking? O O! Penang girl starts to show her prowess on food! haha. Ala, I can't say no to kway teow with kerang la!  I just wish this kway teow was served to me alone in one single plate cause I would finish it right away! sedap gile! This definitely would be my next visit meal. 

Fried Vermicelli with Sambal Sause & Mussel RM17.90 

Stir Fried Glass Noodle with soft shell crab RM17.90

Drinks menu & Price List

This chocolate banana shake is absolutely worth every ringgits you spent! cause you gonna get one whole shaker for the drink and refill it yourself!  

From left:  Shirley Temple, U- De Mint and U Fresh Honey Lemon Drink

Overall, I like the restaurant's ambiance, the menu, the food, the drinks and everything about it! I don't know whether it just me or I'm too sweet to give them positive feedback. haha. Adios! GO, TRY, and TELL ME!

Thank you.
Wiida Ribbon

Disclaimer: Please bear in your mind that everyone has different taste bud therefore, I might like the food but not for you. I have malay tongue, with malay horrible accent including malay taste bud. I'm only highlighting my FAVORITE FOOD! Peace! I know I'm kinda bias but what to do, one day you need to treat me so, I guess this is the time you need to know me better than before. hahaha. :D  

Photos were taken by using Samsung NX mini
Mode: Manual and Food


  1. Yummm Yummm. ..sedapnya. . berkeroncong perut akk skrg..;)

  2. I love Chocolate Banana! Yummy!

  3. wow!!! sedapnya... bila saya nak belanja awak kat sini ni..? boleh main nyanyi happy besday. :)

  4. adik nora danish pun dah buat review. huihuihui.. salam kenal adik. :)

  5. Lots of choice kan kat sini .....kalau buat gathering pun best jugak .....

  6. Dayyan send regards to his auntie Nora Danish!

  7. Thanks for sharing this, i love eating singapore food
    and malaysia food.


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