Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Body Shop Haul - May 2014 edition

Hello peeps!

I know this is a late post and I can't do anything since the sale is already over on last Sunday, however, I did managed to grab some of the items that I really wanted to try since ages! I asked my sister to buy it for me as I was so busy working and don't really any free time to walk and shop. My weekend was occupied with work. What a productive weekend.

Anyway, I know many of you girls love to see haul post since you all are so kepochi (don't worry, I'm also kepochi) thus, lets see what I've grabbed in this year's sale.

Sale is up to 70% with additional 10% for members. There's also 50% off for selected items with additional 10% off for members and most of the items in the store are 30% off unless stated otherwise.

In this haul, I didn't pick up any body skin care range since I know I still have plenty of unused body wash, lotion, body butter, body mist and all the descendant. What a waste. So, I just asked my sister to buy any attractive tools or makeup. So, yaa, can't wait to reveal  the result!


I know, it is just a small haul in total of RM 12.40 burnt from my account. 

Watermelon lipbalm

I have been wanting to try this lip balm for years and now it is already tick off (taken out) from my wish list. Yes! It has decent fruity smell depending on what flavor you choose and what I have in hand right now is watermelon flavor. Seriously, I feel like licking my own lips. How many times I must say that? every time I purchased a lipbalm I must say that cause I know myself, I love flavory scented sweet lipbalm. Weirdo Wiida. 

I don't knwo what other flavors they have on sale but what I know from my sister, only strawberry, chocolate and watermelon lipbalm were on sale. others are not. So, since I don't have any watermelon lipbalm, I took a risk and chose this flavor. No regret for choosing this lipbalm.

Original Price: RM 19.90

After discounted,  50% : RM 9.80

Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge

My only reason for buying this "sponge" is to try and do review. I am now experimenting new and unique thing for you! Sweet kan I? See!  Plus price after discounted allowed me to try it. My personal advisor said so (my sister, Ain). 

I've tried it once just now, right after back from work and without using any makeup remover, I just washed my face with cleanser, then wipe it off with this damp sponge. I will try to experiment and study the best method to use this sponge. I know many of you still clueless in how to use this sponge. I will do a post on it if it is worth. Worth if you are interested la sayang! 

Original Price: RM 9.90

After discounted, 70% : RM 2.60

Okay, that's it for my The Body Shop May 2014 edition short Haul. Will continue updating my blog with exciting posts!!! I will try to make it daily! InsyaAllah.

Coming Post:  
Makeup Geek haul | The biggest Fashion and lifestyle bazaar in Malaysia

Thank you very much!

Wiida Ribbon


  1. I wanted that sponge but it was sold out online and at the store i went to. And Melaka ada 2 je Body Shop -.-"

    1. La yeke babe? takpe next time mesti ada sale lagi <3 sponge ni pelik kan? hahaha

    2. yep, sponge tu pelik dan membuatkan dia lagi inviting untuk kita try. dia macam "apa benda sponge ni? acane pakai? nak beli nak beli!!" hehe

  2. Pergh.. lepas discount RM2.90. Macam mana sab bileh terlepas peluang niiii!

    1. Tu la! Next time la. mesti ada sale punya!! sephora sale jgn lupa join! until 24th May je tau!


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