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What do you think?
1000 instagram online shops at one place? one spot? one centre? Wow!

Can you ever imagine that? Such a big number!

At first, when I heard about it, I was quite surprised because the number of 1000 booths is not a small amount, pretty big for me and absolutely a great "shopping centre" for all shopaholic inclusive me! Seriously! Someone please stop me from going to this event!!! I'm pretty sure I will leave the place with torn pocket, painful bank account. Arghh! but nevermind, everything just for shopping! haha; said shopaholic. :P

Anyway, This bazaar will be on 21 and 22 JUNE 2014 at Hall A, Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

Key highlights for the bazaar;

1000 booths, 1000 choices to shop,  you can touch and feel the items! Great discounts, great offers, meeting up with celebrities and there will be plenty of popular insta-shops joining this bazaar including local celebrities (artis la!)

SAVE THE DATE, BOOK THE DATE and COME JOIN THE PARTY! Ops! not the real party, it is bazaar la! 

MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE ON THAT DAY, cause if you missed this bazaar, surely it is a lost. 

Because, the rental is consider cheap, so most of the items selling must be at promotional price. plus, the date is one week before Puasa and thats the time people doing SALE and PROMOTION to gain high revenue. Am I right? Come on, why you want to keep the old stocks if you can reload new items for Raya stuffs? so, everything must let go before Puasa! AND all these vendors must do promotion to clear off their stocks . aha (just my assumption. :P but somehow I agree with my own statement. hahaha ) 

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I know there's many people out there wanted to be entrepreneurs and start to do your business, so this is the right time and great chance for you to kick off business.  The cheapest booth rental for this bazaar is low as from RM 400! and imagine you can earn more than that within 2-day bazaar.. Since the bazaar is a week before "puasa" (fasting month, Ramadhan), then you can sell thousands of things in your mind just to get side income , experience and reveal your entrepreneur talent and amazing skill! chewah!!! 

Minimum Price: RM 400 (air conditioning room with table, chair and car park space)
Number of booths available at the moment: roughly 100 booths

Artists that will open their booths at the bazaar & will come and support:
50 celebrities
Neelofa,Yana Samsuddin, Adira,  Hanez Suraya, Afdlin Shauki , Amer Forteen, Nabil Raja Lawak and many more!!!

Contact 012- 292 0131 for booth enquiries and booking .

Official instagram : @ehehbazaar

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