Sunday, 25 May 2014

LEFT 7 DAYS to win RM 100,000 with YEO'S

RM 100, 000, Only One lucky winner would walk away with RM 100,000 

If I win RM 100,000 what would I do? Since I just graduated, of course I will keep most of the money into my saving for future use (dreaming to use it as house deposit)  and use the rest of  RM 20,000 for Europe tour. Not only that, a part of the money I will give it to my parents so that they could enjoy the money with their own way. Most probably they'll use it to renovate house.  A part of that, I will stock up Yeo's in my fridge! Yes!! We, as in family do enjoyed drinking Yeo's because it tastes good and less sweet which can be consumed by everyone in house! 

How about you? What would you do if you win the money? 

Well, this RM 100,000 will be given to one lucky person. How to join this lucky draw? You need to enter the contest and by entering it you are entitled to win the lucky draw. Who knows your luck? How to join the contest? Scroll down! 

My Wintermelon Recipe
I've been addicted to this drink for couple of months and now I'm gonna reveal my own wintermelon recipe. It is not really a recipe though yet it is my style of drinking it. 
Just pour the wintermelon into your favorite mug, then scoop vanilla icecream and put it in. Believe me it does tastes good! Just good like a cafe drink taste. 

How to join this contest?

You may read it here, my previous post or by watching this video! 

contest ends on 31st MAY 2014, 6.30pm.

For more information, winner list, you may visit to their website;

Facebook page;

Wechat ID : @YeosMalaysia

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  1. all the best... kalau wiida menang.. harusssss... blanje kid ye.. :)


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