Wednesday, 7 May 2014

MAC Haul from

This is my first time experience buying Mac online from their official website.

Back to couple of months ago, they offered "free shipping" service with in Malaysia delivery  (I believe it was only a month) . However, after 30th April 2014, Mac put on charges on the shipping fee. To get free shipping, you need to spend minimum amount of RM 200 on their website so that you're entitle to get their free shipping service. Luckily, I managed to enjoy their free shipping on very last minute,  the last day itself, 30th April.
At first I feel guilty to buy Mac cosmetic due to my bank account health problem, however I psycho myself and  told myself that I bought this lipstick as a birthday gift to myself. haha. What a great makeup addict minded thinking style! Manipulate own mind just to buy a lipstick.

WAIT! have you ever heard of this quote?
Money can't buy happiness, but money can buy a lipstick. Lipstick could gives happiness to a girl! 

The story behind purchasing this gorgeous lipstick was so ironic! I was busy baking in the kitchen with my sister, then my bestfriend, Shaza told me in Wechat that Mac just released Playland collection on their website and I immediately opened the website and put "toying around" and "tickle me" into the cart. As you all know, I am orange big fan. Then I informed Kak liyana (MUA) about this launch and she's immediately opened the website and wanted to buy "Sweet experience" ( sweet light pink color)  but it was already sold out! Damn fast! it was only couple of hours cause I was busy baking  and googling swatches. hahaha. That's funny! I can do multi-tasking jobs! < that's the real point why I wanted to tell you the story. just want to tell that I'm multi-tasking girl. hehehe. 
Then after found the swatches of "Tickle Me", I decided to remove it from cart and straightly check out to confirm the order.
After couple of hours, "toying around" is already sold out and now only left few colors that are still available on the website. I wanted to get "Enjoy It All" (bright purple color, Asian edition) but my bank account doesn't allowed me to do so. ;( hurghhh!!! So, if you're interested to buy this collection, go go! go to their website to purchase the collection while it lasts. It is Limited Edition and once it's sold out, they would not bring in the collection anymore!

Let see how Mac Malaysia a.k.a Estee Lauder Malaysia Company packed the packaging for the shipping parcel. They wrapped the item carefully and ensure the item doesn't darted off and stay in one place. Plus, the box is quite sturdy so,it is reliable to keep makeup items in it.
Courier used: Nationwide Express. 

Toying Around is described as Hot coral pink with amplified finish. It is bright coral with opaque color and slightly gloss with no shimmer to it. It's very creamy and very pigmented!  review and swatches will be up soon! 

Short experience wrap up: 
I've received the parcel safely in one piece, nothing separated or melted. Thank God! At first I feel a little bit worried because weather in Malaysia is freaking hot and could melt any lipstick especially when you left it in car. That's why I am afraid if my lipstick gonna melt in the courier's van and it would be a lost. Luckily, alhamdullilah, the lipstick is still in one piece. So, no worries if you want to buy Mac lipstick through online,go ahead,  it won't melt.


Wiida Ribbon

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the item with my own money. 


  1. Bestnya! Cantik la warna Toying Around. <3

  2. Wow!!! I love that one! The color is so sexy! I love Estee Lauder, especially their perfume! Auuummm!

  3. Wanted to get this colour tapi sold out haih cepat gila!


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