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Ma Cherie Moisture Shampoo review (Hair care)

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"Ma Cherie- A sweetilicious hair care brand that has variety and complete hair care and styling range. This Shiseido MA CHERIE Moist Shampoo offers Deep Hair Repair and Moisturized the dry hair. It is very suitable to dry hair type and it will gives you a concentrated product care by repairing damages from the inner core to outer part of the hair. It would fill up any damaged holes structurally and gives a smooth, silky healthy hair look as well as manageable hair. This shampoo gives optimum moisturize level of hair and strength to the hair. "
p.s: The formula has changed to new added anti-smoke fragrance which is effectively removes any unpleasant smell (ala, for example mamak stall smell, cigarette smell  and any smell that might stuck to your hair and ruin your important date!) 

(*Not a sponsored post) , hence everything mentioned and reviewed are based from my personal opinions and experience. Anyway, this shampoo is highly recommended for you to try! hehe :P *YOU NEED TO TRY! YES! YOU JUST NEED TO TRY IT ONCE! 

Ma Cherie has two range of products which is "Air Feel" range and "Moisturise" range.

I must admit that my initial reason before buying this shampoo is just because of the adorable packaging and also for photography purposed. :P Come on! would you do the same? Is this not attractive enough to grab your attention?

The packaging itself gets an A from me and that's automatically wins my heart. By displaying it on my toilet's shelf, it motivates me to wash my hair often than before :P haha. But actually the product itself is very good. Let's jump into the review! 

What makes me feel this product suits my dry frizzy hair?

1) My frizzy messy crazy hair is getting lesser, better and moisturised.

2) No hair fall after using this shampoo! <3 Which is very important to me and also to those who have same hair species with me; very thin ,almost botak (bald) head . 
3) after using this shampoo, my hair always turn good and it will be my "great hair day ". 
4) It has lovely scent (which makes me feel addicted to the smell, keep smelling my hair in every an hour , I know I sound like a retard but I'm not! I'm just being an addict, or probably you can call it as OCD?)

  • This bottle contains 200 ml product.
  • The product is made from Japan. (under Shiseido company) 
  • Price: around RM 30-RM 40 (I forgot the exact price for the bottle) 
  • Where to get this shampoo: You can buy it from Guardian , Malaysia

My review

I feel my hair condition is getting better, softer, lesser frizzy hair, no hair fall (sometimes one to two pieces might drop off too, but it's occasional ) and healthier.
It cleanse my hair perfectly without making it drier and frizzy. So, what else can I asked for? It has marvelous scent,  makes my hair less frizzy and smoother , cute adorable bottle packaging, gives me perfect great hair day (curled naturally without using any heat styling tool,-received many compliments on that, because most of them thought that I set my hair but I didn't) and I feel my hair is healthier than before.
The down side for the product is only the price, nevertheless, it is still under affordable range for a single person , not for the whole family of course! The kids going to use up the whole bottle in one single bath-time :P I know it, trust me, I used to do to that when I was a kid, hehehe.(sorry mom!).
One more thing is the scent. I enjoyed using it because of the scent, however, it doesn't last long, only for couple of hours.

Would I re-purchase this shampoo again? : YES

Ma Cherie Malaysia Facebook page:

Thank you for reading! <3 
Stay tuned for the "Serum Moisturise range" product review soon because it deserves a review from me! 

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  1. tiba-tiba rasa menyesal pulak tak beli hari tu :)

  2. Dulu nak beli tapi takut tak sesuai. Bila baca review dari Wiida, terasa nak cuba pula. Hehe. *Oh noooo $$!!!* :D

  3. i would like to ask, for the naturally curl you've mentioned, do you actually blow your hair? or you just leave it to dry?

  4. Would love to try this after reading your review!�� Been having bad hair fall days so would definitely be experimenting with this. Thanks for sharing your opinion��

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