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Massive Beauty Haul! Luxola and Sephora Haul!

Salam and Hello! 
It’s been a while I didn't shop for makeup since I was busy with my internship for the past three months and I wanted to share some things that I have bought recently. Hoho. Some of the items I ordered online and just received in last couple of days.  In this time, most of the items I grabbed were on sale - in conjunction of "Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale and also year end sale". I'm getting excited with various of makeup holiday collection at Sephora and other high end brands. Seriously, I wish I have money to collect them all! Oh! The newest arrival is Naked 3 , unfortunately I did not have any budget to get it and when I think about it one more time, I still have few palettes to use and why not I make it as 2014 wishlist. Still have other commitments to focus on since I just got my car, I need to get ready for future maintenance and few things to do, added some makeup on my car. wuhuu! not only me need to makeup, my car also needs to makeup a lil bit :P What a big wishlist! 


I did grabbed few things from Luxola at different time and different deal. Luxola provides free shipping to Malaysia for any order above RM 40. 

A week before black Friday there was a 25% VIP sale on all items and for Luxola 25% is a great deal! I ordered 2 items which are Sigma Flat Kabuki brush F80 and Sigma tapered highlighter brush F35. I love Sigma brushes because they're high quality and the price after discount in Luxola is a great deal, cheaper than in Sigma website itself. 

Olay Regenerist cleaning system tool. In Watsons, I believe the price is around RM 100+ and if you want it immediatedly without order online, you may go directly to Watsons. However, to those who can patiently wait for Luxola order at least one week waiting, it's totally worth your price. I got this at lowest price ever in Malaysia which is only RM 77(After 30% off) .  

Last haul from Luxola was on Cyber Monday deal which means I got 35% for all these items.
Z-Palettes small hot pink color and Large Zebra print palettes are my ultimate choice. I chose them because I need to depot all my single eye-shadows into one palette so that possibility to use them all in one palette is higher than left them in single shadows pot unless the color is really my favourite color like Stila Kitten do. Since they're having great discount I decided to grab both of them. 
Z-Palettes in USD price is not much different than us. 

 (Large palette 20 USD each | Small palette 14 USD)

Sigma Blending brush E25 is one of best-seller brush from Sigma. I really wanted to buy this brush since beginning. Only this time, I feel like buying it after calculated the final price is RM 27. In USD it is 12 buck! Well, even after convert the dollar, the price is much higher and it's not including international shipping yet. So, I think this is the great time for me to get it. 
Next brush in my wishlist is lip brush. :) 

This is a sample and gift that I received along the packaging for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal! Awesome! This is the reason why I love to buy things from them!  hehe. Last time I got a goodie bag from than and also mini Sigma eyeliner brush. Their services are tip top! 


Recently there was 20 % discount Sephora nationwide in Malaysia for white card members and I did grabbed one item that has been in my wishlist for quite a while and it's naked Basics! I've planning to get it during the 20% off at the beginning of this year, 2013 but I missed it due to Exam preparation. I guess, now is the chance for me to grab it!  yeayyyyy! 

Urban Decay, Naked Basics. It has five basic colors that you can put with any other shades or palette for blending and a highlight and shimmery highlight shade along with a light nude color ideal for blending, dark brown and a black for  smokey look or instant powder eyeliner and at the same time adding dimension on eyes. These six combination colors are great to bring along for traveling, so easy! 
Price: RM 98
Discounted price: RM 78

So far, the biggest splurge and the most exciting haul is this baby! A holiday palette from Too Faced , A few of my Favourite Things. Oh dear! Sephora just brought this into the stores! Previously during the 20 % White card member sale, the palettes are still not available and only then, to be exact, last week, Sephora brought this in! I was saving my money to get this palette! Oh dear, I did not buy Vice Palette because I was really aiming into this palette after my bestfriend, Shaza keep talking about. This holiday palette is very worth. I don't have Too Faced product before and this is the best starter kit palette from the brand! I'm glad I got it in hand. 

The holiday collection contains
1) One big palette (20 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 2 bronzers & a guideline book)
2) Mini Lash Injection Mascara (One of the best seller mascara)
3) Full size of lip injection , lip product
4) One big makeup bag/pouch

What a complete kit!
In Sephora US/ Too Faced website, the kit is already sold out. So, I can't find any page to link to. 

The eyeshadow colors are so pigmented and buttery exception for two to three colors that not really shown up. But I'm fine with it, I still can play around with the colors.
I'm keep playing with the palette until today!! I'm still excited even though I had it about a week.!

The blushers and bronzers are my main saviour! I love both of them so much! The chocolate Soleil bronzer smells like real chocolate! so delicious! I heard it's really made from chocolate and the ingredient itself is good for skin, antioxidants. Sun Bunny is my favourite bronzer so far. I'm planning to get a full size Sun Bunny bronzer after I finish the one in the palette. I'm using it daily, it becomes my madness! 
Don't say I didn't warn you. The blushers make my jaw drop into the floor! Seriously, they're awesome combination! Normally, I would use peach orangey blusher color but if I combine these two colors, the result is really amazing! It blends naturally on cheeks and give natural blushing color. The longevity for this blusher is great too, it can lasts up to 6-8 hours. 
Price: RM 169
I got it with 10 % discount: RM 152.10
p/s: I heard it's already mark down into RM 134. What an awesome deal! go get it! :P 

Get 10% off with promotion code: LXTAG (valid until 31st December 2013)
Get 20% off with promotion code: NEW20 (I'm not sure with the due date)

Sephora outlets in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Malaysia area 
Starhill Bukit Bintang
Paradigm Mall
Sunway Pyramid

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Amboiii banyak nye shopping! Jellyyyyy :D

  2. Awesome haul! Shopping di Luxola best kan? :)

    1. Aah! Shopping kat Luxola worth sangat2! best!

    2. I hope Luxola bawa banyak makeup brands lagi. hahaha

  3. babe, can you do a review on the Olay cleansing device? thanks =)

  4. hoi makcik!!! kemain dia. kata nak saving beli kat NY! hahahaha

    1. Hahaha. angan angan tahi ayam itu budak nama Wiida. hahaha

  5. The Too Faced palette is so tempting! Great haul btw. :)

    1. aah! aah! too faced palette memang buat i sasau! hehehe

  6. kemain shopping!! nnti buat video tutorial k. :)

  7. Waaaa....2 faced!! Beli jgak at lastt..

    1. Aah! angau sangat! then seminggu lepas tu, harga turun! tu meroyan trus! hahaha

  8. Replies
    1. Kan?! Sigma brushes memang dabom n worth. Long term makeup tools. Slowly collecting Sigma brushes.

  9. this is the best blog i seen and a long time.

  10. That's a super duper amazing beauty haul! Love the brushes and the palette! :D


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