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Review & Swatches: Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Palette

Too Faced came out with a brilliant idea for this year's holiday palette. A few of My favorite things holiday set has been raved a lot in social medias and from all beauty junkies + beauty gurus all around the world. Guess what?! The palette is so worth! I was aiming for it since November and hoping that Sephora Malaysia will bring this in. I kept the money aside until the end of November, there was no sign of hope and I spent it to Naked Basic and Luxola online shopping (click here to read the haul).  A big surprise came up when I visited Sephora at beginning of December. On that time, the price was RM 169 and I could not think anymore, I immediately grabbed it by using 10 % discount from my friend's member card, Kak Ayna.  Thank you so much for letting me using it. huhu. Then, a week after that, I received news from other beauty bloggers that the price has been marked down into RM 134! What a great deal! heart stabbed. 

This kit is known as a perfect complete palette where it includes a lip product, a mascara, a makeup bag, 2 blushers, 2 bronzers + highlighter , eyeshadows (there's eyeliner color, highlight color, glitters, eyebrow color & etc) Perfect for travelling too as the palette packaging is made from cardboard and can be fold into two. 

These are my favorites colors in the palette. Seriously,  they are dabommm! Can be used in daily basis & for night time makeup. 

The blushes and bronzers are very pigmented and smooth plus the colors includd in the palette are wearable! It is not like other palettes that I have found before this, most of them include non-pigmented and dull horrible colors just to mark up the value of the palette. But not for this palette, they are perfect! Blushers colors and bronzer combinations are great for all complexion from fair to dark skin tones. My favourite way of using the blushers is mix two of them and the colour created is amazingly gorgeous for Asian medium skin tone, warm and blush naturally. 

The bronzer Chocolate Soleil is matte finish while the Sun Bunny bronzer is a shimmery finish and it is gorgeous to be used from fair to medium skin tone. It adds some glow and it has duo jobs ; contouring and highlighting. The upper color of Sun Bunny works great for highlighting, pretty sheen of glow-y effect on cheek bones and the lower part is great for contouring. Site information: it is my favourite bronzer <3

Makeup bag can fits the palette and also the other two products, lip injection and mascara.

short comment: Lip Injection, some people say , the lipstick makes lips burning but what I know, the purposed of this lip product is to boost up the size of the lips. haha. To make the lips look bigger and sexier like Angelina Jolie of course! MMmmmuwah~. Suits wit the name, lip injection in bee sting. To those who has sensitive lips, better don't ever try this product. I haven't use it, but my bestfriends, Shaza had tried it and said it is not that bad. the burning feeling is bearable (to those who used to eat spicy food).


Snowflakes: pale yellow with 
Whiskers on Kitten: Pale peach with gold and pink glitters
Chocolate Milk: A warm light brown (matte)
Moon on their wings:Metallic gold with chunky glitters
Dark chocolate: Dark Coffee brown color (matte)

Basically this row is my favourite row. All colors are highly pigmented and smooth. 
Cream Colored Ponies: great for brow highligher
Honey Honey: Gold color ( I don't really know how to explain it) It's gold. haha 
Buche De Noel: A metallic bronze
Evergreen:  A pretty jade green
Blue Satin Sashes: Teal Blue color with gold shimmer in it. 

Coquet: Duo crome color (on the pan looks like pink, when swatch it on hand, it looks gold) 
Taffy: light pink
Crisp Apple Strudel: Copper brown
Woolen Mittens: light brown (matte) 
Soiree: Burgundy with gold shimmer in it

Tinsel: Known as vintage gold. 
Bluff: Blue with gold brown shimmer 
Ooh La Orchid:  Matte purple   (the color is not smooth as others)
Party Time : Blue with duo chrome shimmer  ( the color is not really pigmented)
Pure Glam: True black with silver glitters


Raindrops on roses: Bright pink with golden shimmer
Melt into spring: Intense matte warm peach 

Chocolate soleil: warm matte bronzer.
Sun bunny : shimmer bronzer

Sorry for the low quality photos. I took them at "night" with limited of lighting therefore there are not pretty as usual. To keep the colors same to the original swatches, I didn't edit the photos, so please bare with the dull lighting. Sorry :(

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